2014 Twin Cities Pet Expo

Pet expoDespite a major snow storm right before the weekend and treacherous driving conditions around the Twin Cities, the Twin Cities Pet Expo was a success for MWCR, with Sunday being a busier day than usual. Dedicated MWCR volunteers braved the elements to staff our booth.  Volunteers included Cat Olund with Lilo and Maui, Chris Norman and KJ with Woodson,  Judith Roggow with Phoebe, Mary Ann Statz with Cindy, and Linda Riegger with Willie, along with Linda’s friends Justina, Clay and Fillmore who helped set up and staff the booth.   Volunteers Robin Kashuba and Brenda Pulkrabek from Hutchinson wisely decided against traveling hours on dangerous roads Saturday morning and will be volunteering at our booth at the Paws on Parade event later this year.   Linda and Justina, who is an artist, delighted children with their face painting which raised funds for MWCR.  Sheltie mom, and generous MWCR supporter, Carol Brandenburg spent most of Saturday at our booth, helping with merchandise sales and braiding dog tug toys for us to sell.  When not at our booth or watching the shows, Carol shopped at the various vendors and bought two beautiful pet beds which she donated to MWCR for our silent auction.
MWCR fosters Christina and Russell Sager visited our booth and will be volunteering at events this summer.  Adopter Fiona Johnson and her son Alex stopped by for a delightful visit as well.  Dr. Sheila Megan of Companion Animal Hospital, one of our partner veterinary clinics, and her daughter Katie stopped at our booth, and DeLahna Johnson from Pet Dermatology Clinic, another of our partner veterinary clinics, had a booth at the Pet Expo and visited with us.
In addition to the face painting, a huge draw for children was the prize wheel made by Arnie Hilk.  The tall wheel, which makes a distinctive sound, attracted crowds of kids who donated $1 to MWCR to spin the wheel and pick a thank you gift.
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Thank you to our volunteers and their dogs for making the Pet Expo a success.  Nothing brings people into our booth like a beautiful collie barking with delight.  Our volunteers chatted with numerous people who expressed interest in MWCR and in adopting from us.  Great job!  And thank you to everyone who visited our booth and helped make the weekend a success. – Terry Libro, MWCR President and Event Committee Chairperson.

June-July Adoptions!

Jackson adoptedFoster failure! Jackson (previously known as Butch) is a 1.5-year-old sable headed white who was found abandoned on a farm. He had gone without food and water for three days prior to his rescue by a good Samaritan but even that wasn’t enough to keep him from being a happy, loving boy.  Jackson fit in so well with his foster mom, dad and furry siblings that they can’t imagine letting him go and I know he’s thrilled to be staying right there with them! Congratulations!

JakeWhy does Mr. Jake look so happy? Because he will be staying with his foster family forever! Congratulations to our latest foster flunkies and to Jake. Good boy!

ShilohShiloh, a 4-year-old tiny bundle of smoothie love, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin with her new mom, dad, beagle and a kitty. Word has it that kitty is unimpressed by the new addition but I’m sure he’ll come around in time. Shiloh came into rescue when her family had to move and now she has a lovely fenced yard to play in with her new brother. Good job, Shiloh!

ElgarElgar, 3-year-old tri-headed white, was surrendered due to a changing family situation. He has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota with his new mom & dad. He’ll also get to share his life with another MWCR alumni, a sable/white big sister collie. Congratulations on your new family Elgar!

FlashFlash, an 8-year-old sable/white male, came back into rescue last week due to his separation anxiety and fear of storms. Fortunately for Flash, a wonderful forever home has been found for him where there is almost always someone home. He only has to share his new mom’s attention with a parakeet and he has a couple of neighbor dogs that can’t wait to play with him. Congratulations to Flash and his new mom!

BelleBelle’s picture may seem familiar because she is a returning MWCR dog. She was adopted earlier this year and developed some behavioral issues that made it clear that it was not right fit for her. Her adopters loved her very much and tried behaviorally and medically to make it work but it just wasn’t to be :-(. Fortunately for Belle, she found the perfect fit with her new foster family and their pack, including another MWCR collie. So two paws up for beautiful Belle and her new family!


Big Lassie_blogBig Lassie, 6-year-old, tri-color male, went on to his new home in Wisconsin today. Cool, calm and collected, Big Lassie won over his new canine sister in record time and it looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Big Lassie came into rescue when his family lost their home and had to move into an apartment. Now he’ll be enjoying his lovely fenced yard and the companionship of his new sister, mom, dad, two non-furry siblings. Nice work BL!