Collies Avaliable For Adoption

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We have collies coming into the rescue on a weekly basis. If you don’t see a collie here, and you’re serious about adopting a collie from MWCR, please fill out an application to speed up the adoption process. Our collies are often adopted by families on our waiting list.

This post explains our adoption process

9 thoughts on “Collies Avaliable For Adoption

  1. i check this site weekly, and the only “available” collies i’ve seen in months, are the “unavailable” permanent fosters. i guess this means you have no adoptable dogs at present. it would be easier on those of us who are looking for a collie if you just said so, saving us the time of wandering through your web site and finding nothing. i think this is the least you can do for folks who really are interested in either rescuing a collie, or contributing to rescue. with no obvious collies “available” i’m guessing my contributions could be better used by groups that DO have dogs in their care fairly consistently.

    • Hi Gail,

      Thank you for your comment. Most of our collies never make it to the website, because of our waiting list. The best thing to do is, if you’re serious about adopting a collie is to fill out an adoption application and go through the approval process, which can take a few weeks, because we check references and do a home visit (all done by volunteers). Once approved you are then on our waiting list and will get first ‘dibs’ on available collies before they go on our website. We have a great adoption coordinator who works with foster families and adopters assuring a good placement. Donations go directly to paying the vet bills of our fosters and other expenses. Once a month, you will see in our blog, or on our Facebook page, we publish a list of adopted collies in our care. Another way to adopt is to become a foster family, where you would foster a dog, and then become what we like to call a foster failure (adopting your foster dog). Or send him on to someone who would be a good fit. Either way you are helping MWCR.

      • Gail,

        Speaking as a former frustrated potential adopter looking for a collie, I can tell you this organization is top notch. I was looking for a collie for my mother, and as soon as she was approved, a collie was found and she was just what Mom wanted! Mom ADORES her baby, and MWCR has been fantastic. I went through many frustrating searches before I filled out their application, finding the same thing you have. The thing is, MWCR is so efficient that they place dogs as soon as they are available. Mom’s Serenity was only in foster as long as it took them to contact us and us to say “yes!” Please don’t be discouraged. Fill out the application, get approved, and help MWCR and some lucky collie!

      • I’ve donated a fair amount over the years and am currently directing another $260 from my company to MWCR, however, I have been having several of the same questions as expressed above by Gail which was leading me to conclude that maybe my donations might be better utilized by another organization. Now that I understand the reason for few adoptable collies listed on the web site, it makes sense. But, I think you should be far more clear on the Home page about how adoptions work and that many collies are adopted even if they never make it to the web site.



      • Thank you for your comments, David. We do have the adoption process posted on the available page in the website. I will pass on your comments and request to the board.

  2. I am looking for a somewhat matured tricolor collie if you have one or know of one that’s available for adoption haven for purchase of the price is right I roommate had one for eight years it was his heart and soul has just recently got hit by a farming tractor last night was I was killed . He really does need to have another dog like I said that was his life he could give another one a wonderful life. Please feel free to call me my name is Cindy I can be reached at 608-844-0729 thank you for your understanding and consideration.

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