April Rainbow Bridge


Parker’s family had to say goodbye today (April 2): I can’t even begin to comprehend life without him. He was always the one who took care of me. When I was feeling down he was there, every morning started with a big collie snuggle and the day ended the same. I’m heart broken but Parker is happy again, running with his MWCR sister Maybellene. Thank you for giving us this gentle, loving soul. He was loved by all who knew him.


Beautiful Annabelle went to the rainbow bridge today. She was 11 years old. She began having seizures last week and did not respond well to her medication. She was an owner surrender that we fostered then adopted about five years ago. She was beautiful and loving. We will miss her.


On April 27 we helped our dear Lassie (“Lassie Lou”) cross the Rainbow Bridge. She was just over 13 years old and had been battling arthritis and cancer. Below we share our story of our life with Lassie, but for those that don’t have the patience to read the entire story, know that Lassie was the most gentle, loving soul you could meet. She chose us to be her forever family, and we are forever grateful for the joy, happiness and love she brought us the last 6 years. Read her full tribute here.

March Rainbow Bridge


Bunker was my 15th foster in May of 2012. He was adopted by a family in Nebraska, who drove all the way to my house to pick him up. He lived a wonderful life with his family, a very sweet and gentle  dog who will be missed.

From Wendy – We had to put Bunker down today. He had become very arthritic and we tried everything the vet could offer. Today he was throwing up and crying. It just got to be too much for him. Thank you for being his foster mom. He had a great life and will be missed. We loved him.


My sweet Ricky went over the bridge Saturday afternoon. He was my MWCR transport failure six years ago. He was bound for Green Bay, my job was to get him from Wayzata to Eau Claire. He had clearly never ridden in a car, never wore a collar.  Had clumps of cow manure throughout his coat and was riddled with fleas. He had an overbite that rivaled Freddie Mercury. But when our eyes met, and his tail slowly wagged, I was on my phone to see if we could foster to adopt him. We never made it out of Minnesota.

We could tell things were getting harder for him. His breathing was very labored and we could tell he was uncomfortable and struggling.

He was the sweetest and most sensitive collie we ever owned. Reamus is a bit lost without him. Our house is sad without him.  Until we meet again, my sweet boy. Thank you for picking us and to MWCR for putting up with my craziness and allowing him into our lives.


We were sad to learn that handsome Eli, adopted in 2013, went to the Bridge last month. Eli came to frolic with us at most of the WI events and we will miss his sweet face. He would have been 13 yrs old in June. Run free, sweet boy.

January Rainbow Bridge

Last week, our dear Cole passed away. He came to us from MWCR in 2008 and quickly became a valued member of our family. He was known among our family and friends for his joyful bark, his love of being petted, and for always watching out for the children. We miss the click, click, click of his paws as he secured the perimeter of our house, ever the shepherd, and his gentle ways with all of us. Although Cole was thirteen and had a somewhat lame back leg, he still climbed on his favorite chair for naps and was alert and happy right up to the last days of his life. We are forever grateful to have had eleven wonderful years with him.


My Gentle Giant, may you now and forever be able to run, romp and play in the Heavens and join your friends at the Rainbow Bridge.
My heart is breaking into a thousand pieces today as we laid to rest our beloved Toby this morning. In our eyes there never was such a gentle and kind soul. Toby, lovingly referred to as The Lion by my great nephew, was a big boy at over 108 pounds. His heart had to have been most of the weight because he had something so special within him everyone noticed it. Each person he met wanted to take him home and make him theirs. Cars would literally pull over to talk to us just so they could get a chance to meet Toby on our walks. Neighbors waited for us to pass by so they could say hello to him, give a quick pet or two and pass on a treat and always, ALWAYS was he so friendly and well behaved with my grandson and all the neighborhood children. It wasn’t just people either, other dogs loose and running the street, had charged us before with their teeth bared only to stop dead in their tracks as they neared Toby. His calm energy and confidence let them know there was nothing to fear. Toby was also amazing and patient as he welcomed our friends and family’s pets into our home and over 10 foster dogs- always gentle and showing them the ropes but still quietly remaining the King.
I can never thank Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue enough for bringing him into our lives. And as cliche as it may sound, it wasn’t us who rescued him but it was Toby who rescued us and completed our home. He lived over a decade and spent half his life with Rich and I making us feel safe and loved each day. My heart will forever ache over this sweet golden boy. Rest in peace Toby Terhune . . . we love you. –  
Jerna Madero and Rich Laurence


In 2016 we were contacted by a local shelter about taking in sweet, senior Sandy, a collie-mix with health issues – her family had moved away and surrendered her to them. Sadly, she went to the Rainbow Bridge but we know that her last few years have been filled with love and kindness.

This is from her mom: My sweet, thirteen-year-old collie mix, Sandy, has passed away. Sandy had arthritis and atypical Cushing’s disease. Her health began deteriorating last summer and for the last few months, she had been living on the main level of the house since she could no longer do stairs. Despite her health problems and her very limited mobility, Sandy was always happy, engaged, and wanted to be part of everything that was going on. Sandy particularly enjoyed going for rides, especially to visit her veterinarian weekly for acupuncture and laser therapy. In the end, she lost interest in the world and no longer wanted to get off of her pet bed. Sandy passed away peacefully with her collie brother Jake, Duncan the cat, and me by her side. Throughout everything, Sandy’s spirit was always bright.



December Rainbow Bridge


Handsome Onie, adopted in 2013, has passed away. His dad says Onie was the perfect collie companion – loving, smart, a great friend. He loved routines, our early morning walks in the neighborhood, day trips to the local hills and lakes. He was great friends with all the local store cashiers who handed out treats. He loved people and their dogs. He always kept me in sight from under his bushes in the yard. There’s a big emptiness here.



Today is a very very sad day for me; my girlfriend Bella crossed the rainbow bridge. We adopted Bella with her best friend Barron in August of 2015 (they were on the September, 2015 adoptions list). They were inseparable, where ever one went the other was not far behind. When Barron fell ill, Bella stayed with him until the end. After Barron crossed, it was a while before she got her spark back, but I don’t think she has ever forgot him.

Bella was my best girlfriend, she went everywhere with me. If I opened the door and Katie ran out without her, she would whine at the door until I let her out as well. Then, looking at me like “how could you forget me”! She was also my “truck dog” as she loved riding in the truck where she could stick her head out and smell all of the sniffs along the way.

She has had a good run of years out on the farm. She was a little too dainty to be a true farm dog, as she did not like to get her paws dirty. She loved the horses and cats, but she had the most fun chasing the 4-wheeler or snowmobile. For whatever reason, she loved to run, bark and bite at them. When I would work out in the barn with the horses, she would find a nice hay bale to curl up on and keep a watchful eye on the situation, making any adjustments that were necessary and keep the riff-raff out.

She had developed a cough over the last couple of months, nothing alarming, but none the less it was there. She had her regular checkup in June and the vet said that she was in great shape. But I could tell that there was something wrong. I took her in, and my vet felt that it was a heart issue, as Bella was around 12 at that time. She took some X-rays and came back and said the good news is her heart is perfect; the bad news is that she has canine lung and mammary cancer. She gave her two to six months. Bella was given some medication to help her breath better, but the side effects were not good. Her health steadily declined, leading up to today.

It is hard for me to grasp that it has only been three years that she has been in my life; it feels like we have been together forever. We have adopted many older dogs throughout our lives, and each time a little part of me leaves when they cross the bridge, Bella has left a large hole that will take a long time to heal. I thank God for the opportunities that He has given me to enrich my life with these gentle creatures.

Rest in peace my friend; keep an eye open for Mattie, Buddy, and Barron, as we will all be together again someday. – Bob & Nancy Boecher

November Rainbow Bridge

The Passing of our Zoe’s Monet –


As we lay our hands upon you,

before your final rest,

our hearts surround to love you,

and thank you for your best.

Our home you watched and treasured,

Our lives you truly blessed.

Loosening now your burdens,

we tend your tired bones.

Let us be your pillow,

then wings to take you home.

Listen for God’s calling,

sweet promises of peace.

Old friend, leap to Heaven,

and her suffering is released!

On Monday we lost our precious Zoe’ Monet.  I called her our “exotic one” because she was a blue merle collie. She was my constant companion.  In 2009, we adopted Zoe’ and her sister, Georgie Girl from a lady in Marquette, Michigan who needed to find her collie girls a good home because she was very ill.  It was a perfect fit and Zoe’ loved having lots of space to roam and hunt with her sister and our scottie boys.

She made us laugh and brought so much love into our home. Our hearts are heavy but Zoe’s paws will forever leave an imprint in our memory. – Joan & Gary Pansier



Rest in Peace my Sweet Meg. You were so very loved❤

October Rainbow Bridge


A sad update as Laddie crosses the Rainbow Bridge. Yesterday morning he began having difficulty walking and his mobility decreased steadily. It is a testament to how loved he was that staff members from his vet clinic came over to help get him to the office and in the afternoon he was transferred to the emergency veterinary services. This morning his mom received the certain diagnosis that Laddie had a fractured vertebra, almost certainly caused by spread of the cancer to his spine. There was no viable treatment option due to his age and the cancer – he was in pain and his mom made the difficult decision to end his suffering. She was able to be with him for his final few hours and when he died. We can’t thank her enough for her dedication to Laddie’s care and the love that she shared with him. Rest well, sweet boy.



It is with great sadness that I tell you our beloved Huygens went to the rainbow bridge last Wednesday.  Huygens came to us at less than a year old through the ARL. Someone moved out of a house and left him. He was such a scared little collie. But he turned into a great cuddler who loved car rides, walks and being vacuumed!!

Huygens was the ninth collie to come into our lives and our 12th collie loss. Huygens is survived by Kessler who is five, another rescue. Kessler is our 13th collie. We are down to one, which hasn’t happened since 1990 when we got our first collie Halley.


Huygens is our second loss this year. Our dear sweet Hadron went to the rainbow bridge in the spring.  She was the ultimate dainty little lady and cuddle bug. She was initially rescued from an anorexic owner, and had tummy trouble her whole life. We miss them both desperately. – Ann Petersen