November Rainbow Bridge


Gypsy died this morning (early November), after a very short illness.  We loved loved her so much and spoiling her was one of our great joys. Yesterday she didn’t want to eat and this morning couldn’t stand, so we rushed her to the veterinarian.  She died a couple of hours later.  Her blood sugar hit rock bottom, probably as a result of massive organ failure, most likely related to her DM. – Christy & Lester



My beloved Laddie passed away on October 14. I have not been able to write about this until now, as this is quite devastating. Laddie was the best friend I have ever had; his loss makes me feel like half of me isn’t here and the rest is numb. As I remember all our times together and how we rescued each other and comforted each and learned to live again, those wondrous times will, I know, overcome the vast sadness of this time. No one who has never been owned by a collie can understand, I think. He was so sweet, so incredibly calm (my Zen master), so wise.

When I first brought Laddie home, he was so sick for so long with colitis. We were in and out of the emergency and regular vets often. Finally the meds and prescription dog food worked and I began to see Laddie brighten. He never knew how to play before, but with time that teasing collie personality would shine through for just a moment here and there and I’d take advantage of it to tease him back. Before long, we had funny games going with each other and I rejoiced to see the laughter in his eyes. We went for long, long walks every day around 3:00 when I came home from work, and I’d come home every day at noon during the week to spend some time with him. Weekends were so special because we had each other all weekend long. At first he wasn’t so sure about the walks, but then realized that this was a great activity and we both had fun. He took his watchdog responsibilities very seriously, especially as it pertained to the squirrels in my yard. I did tell him, however, not to chase the deer, and after one attempt, he never did. We could go into the yard and he would stand and watch the deer and they would watch him, but he wouldn’t chase them. In fact, one doe would come up to the screen on my back porch to see Laddie, when he was out on the screened porch. That was the epitome of what Laddie was like – gentle, sweet, so intelligent, always wanting to be where I was and do what I wanted. I would only have to tell him once about something and after that, it was  like a law to him. The day I brought him home, I walked him around the perimeter of the yard. After that he never left the yard, unless I said it was okay, even if he was running full tilt after a rabbit or squirrel. He was a joy to walk with – he loved other dogs and was very social. More aloof with people (very collie-like), but it was just an elegant aloofness – like it was okay for them to pet him and talk to him, but then he’d move back and press against me, letting them know that was where he belonged.
In time, I will surely have another collie. It is too soon now, although my life and home seem so empty and quiet without Laddie. But grieving takes a while. I had to write and thank you for the wondrous gift you gave me! The world is so much emptier of beauty and simple goodness with Laddie’s passing. – Jane Kemmet



On the morning of October 5th our beautiful Gemma crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We adopted Gemma as a senior collie from MWCR in 2013 when she was nine years old.  She seemed younger than her nine years and quickly made herself at home both in our house and in the neighborhood.  Gemma brought much joy and love to our lives.  We are so thankful for the time we had with her and will miss her every day. – Dave & Lisa Dexter


I have to report Victor was put to sleep today (Nov. 16). He was a joy and blessed my home with a special love. He was diagnosed with canine DM about two years ago. The disease progressed to a point he was having difficulty eating and his sweet nature turned to erratic aggressive outbursts with me. We are not sure if the behavioral change was DM or a possible brain tumor.

I held his precious body and talked to him while he passed. He was a special boy in so many ways. Thank you to MWCR for sharing him with us. – Beth Gibson


Story died this afternoon (Nov. 27), and I am in shock. I was gone this afternoon and when I came home he was curled up dead in his crate. The vet said it must have been a heart attack.
He was such a soft, gentle boy and we loved each other. Thank you for the honor of sharing his life with mine. – Karin


Katrina was euthanized yesterday (Nov. 21),  around 5 p.m.  She is at peace and no longer struggling.  We miss her. – Beth Selburg


October Rainbow Bridge


Sadly, Simon (fka Rocky), developed seizures in late March and had a couple long ones the morning of April 29, and passed that afternoon after another one.  Our vet believed he was much older than we thought as he slowed much during the winter. – John Tremble



Sharing our sad news that Sadie went to the rainbow bridge last week. We loved our pretty, silly, sweet girl.  It was a joy having her in our lives.  She took a little piece of our hearts with her.   – Cecille Zastrow




Sometimes in life you are truly blessed to share your life with an exceptional furry best friend who touches your heart- just a little more, wags his tail when he greets you- just a little more, looks deeply into your eyes with love- just a little more. That was my sweet braveheart Mackenzie. After meeting him at his foster mom’s (thank you Laure), I decided this gentle big boy (all huggable 80 pounds) was mine. He quickly made himself at home, situating himself on the living room sofa with his head on the armrest to insure a better view of his arch nemesis, the squirrel, daring to come into his backyard. When Madeline joined our family, he put up with all of her rambunctious collie behavior- even her attempts at herding. But ever the patient fellow, when getting their chewy treats, Mackenzie would wait for a moment of Madeline’s inattentiveness and slowly sneak over and snatch her treat to enjoy. Last Monday, a beautiful fall day, Mackenzie and I were standing on the patio glorying in the blue sky and dazzling colors of the leaves swirling round when he slowly walked over to the side of the garden. He stood there, nose twitching, taking in all those curious smells, the wind wafting through his magnificent brown and white ruff, and I thought, I will keep that image of him in my heart forever. We said goodbye yesterday as he lay on his bed by the fireplace, remembering his 14 years of love and devotion.


September Rainbow Bridge


Dear friends at MWCR: I am posting on my Facebook today about my beloved collie Snickers, who I adopted four years ago this weekend. I am extremely sad to say that he passed away at the end of July. I have not been able to write much about it because every time I try I just start to cry. He was so special.  His name was Nick when I adopted him but I changed it to Snickers because he was so sweet and it suited him. People may remember that he weighed 116 pounds when he was surrendered to MWCR. He was the fattest dog I have ever seen and could hardly stand. I loved him immediately. With a lot of love and a diet that included lots of green beans, he got down to 73 pounds but never lost his sweet disposition. Snickers was the best dog I have ever had. I hope anyone thinking about adoption will consider a senior dog. We had many adventures and spent many hours cuddling. Everyone who met him loved him. Thank you so so much for letting me adopt this dog. – Very sincerely, Sara Mainquist


It is with  much sadness and  heavy hearts that my wife Pam and I must inform you  of Maple Sugar Frizzell’s crossing over the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday September 2ndWe brought Maple into our family in February 2008 when she was just four months old. She was a great dog and a wonderful family member and will be greatly missed by our family and friends. We would never had the chance to have Maple be a  part of our family if it hadn’t been for MWCR and people like Leslie Ciaccio who worked with us to find the right match and it was spot on! We will greatly miss her but have many fond memories of her that will help get us through this sad time.

Again we thank MWCR and all it’s dedicated volunteers who help find homes for this great breed of dog. – Wayne and Pam Frizzell


It is with a heavy and grieving heart that I write that my baby, Bailey, has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Bailey was my little angel. I loved him so much. Many years ago, when I was a kid, I had a collie. We adopted her when she was about three months old and I had her until she was 18 years old. I remember how difficult it was for me to say goodbye to her. It took me a few decades to get to a place where I felt I could adopt again. But I didn’t rescue Bailey – he rescued me. He was so adorable and sweet. He didn’t have a mean bone in his little body. When I first met him, he was so nonchalant. He seemed so disinterested in everything. When family and friends would visit, he would turn his head away. But that was Bailey. He found so many ways to show me that he loved me. He was precious, loving, and caring.

A few days ago, his leash became wrapped around some trees. Apparently there was an underground wasp hive and it was disturbed. The wasps attacked him. Because he was wrapped around the tree, he had nowhere to go to get away from them. I was able to get him loose and pulled him away. By then, he was unconscious. I got him to the vet and they said he was in anaphylactic shock. They gave him something to counteract it, and he came around. He was alert and looking around. But then his blood pressure dropped and his heart rate spiked. He needed plasma. The next day they gave him plasma and his numbers got better and he seemed to be on the mend. He was still groggy when I saw him and he didn’t move much, but I knew he was aware I was there. Last night, I couldn’t sleep, because I was haunted by the images of my baby with all of those wasps on him. This morning, the vet called and said he had taken a turn for the worse, and there was nothing they could do to make him better. I went to say goodbye to my dear, little friend. I adopted Bailey less than three years ago, but I feel as though I’ve had him forever. He was such a sweet, sweet boy. This house is quiet and empty without him. I miss my baby, but I know he is no longer suffering and is at peace.

I can see the love that many of you have when I read the postings on this blog. I wanted to share with you that my little one has joined so many other loved ones at the Rainbow Bridge. – Sharon F. Skinner


Moonlight’s Holliday, the dog I adopted from the MWCR ten years ago passed away on Sunday, September 17th. Holly was 11.5 years old. – Kathryn Allen



Jinny celebrates the New Year

Our family said good-bye to our beloved Jinny today. We adopted her from the MN-WI Collie Rescue organization when she was 5-6 years old in April of 2012. We will always remember Jinny as a kind and gentle dog. Saying good-bye is so hard, but we are so grateful for the years we had with her and all the wonderful memories. RIP dear girl. – Amy, Brad and Kaelyn Sillanpa

August Rainbow Bridge


It is with great sorrow that Rascal, adopted in 2006, has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. We shared an amazing 11 years together.  He came to me as an emergency foster with fear biting and kennel aggression issues.  While I established a loving home and a leadership structure for him, his behavior started to improve.  I was contacted by a hearing and service dog organization who thought he’d be a good service dog. He passed all the physical tests and I brought him to the organization for his new life.  Two days later, naughty boy was kicked out of hearing school for his bad behavior.  It just wasn’t meant to be and it was the best thing that happened to him and me.  He was certainly a case over time where you truly did question “who rescued who?”.  He became the most loving and loyal animal who became my shadow. He attended many MWCR events and he will be greatly missed. My dad also formed a special bond with him as well.  Of all the dogs amongst the kids in my family, he was the only one who got to spend extended periods of time at the lake with grandpa and grandma.  – Cindy Willman


It is with immense sadness that I want to let everybody know that Willie went to the Bridge this past Sunday. The kind vet who came to the house phrased it very nicely, saying “He’s earned his angel wings.” Everybody who met Willie commented on what a special guy he was. He made people feel good here in Florida with his charm, as he had done in Minnesota. Nothing made him happier than schmoozing with anybody he could lean against for some attention. His finest days were as the R.E.A.D. dog at the Minneapolis Indian Center. He spent three years being read to, hugged and loved on by children who adored him. He adored them in return.  In my mind, Willie and Asa and Baxter are hanging out in a better place, fit and healthy and frolicking, while little Miss Allie Mae does her best to keep them all in line.

I miss my Big Guy more than words can say. He was truly one of a kind and will live on in my heart. He created many fond memories and smiles. – Linda Riegger



We said goodbye to my beloved collie from MWCR. We had her for 5-6 years and loved her beyond measure! She was diagnosed with bladder wall cancer about six months ago.

Last Monday her body became weaker and she couldn’t hold her weight anymore and also started having seizures, tightening up then relaxing. She had to be put down by a vet at our home June 12th at 1 p.m. and I miss her terribly. She was my best friend and loyal companion and protector.  She kept the bears out of our yard, even just a week and a half ago.

She was my constant companion and followed me wherever I went. My husband loved her so much, too. I was so lucky to have had her and she had a great life here by the lake. She was loved by everyone.

Thank you for all you do for the collie rescue. – Lorraine Franz

May Rainbow Bridge


Our daughter’s collie, Lila, whom we fostered, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 5. It was a very sad day for her family and both Ron and me, too. Gena and her son were visiting while we were fostering Lila and fell in love with her. That was the same time we had Gertie as a foster, the one who made us foster failures.  – Mari & Ron




Nadine and I lost Lucy to liver cancer this morning (May 11). She no longer feels any discomfort and now lives in Heaven. We will miss her every day of our lives. – Nadine & Jim Ferlaak



Ten years ago, after seeing the picture that was posted saying that he would be pulled from the shelter if MWCR could find a foster home for him, my husband and I agreed to “foster” Tango. I can now admit that I never intended to foster him – I knew from that first sight of his picture that he was MY boy! Tonight (May 15), though, our hearts are gutted; he was put to sleep late this afternoon. Our sweet Tangoman had dropped to below his pre-foster weight, could barely stand up anymore, and panted constantly. His loving nature was with him to the end, but he had lost his joy. It’s storming tonight, and I’m grateful that he doesn’t have to contend with such scary weather any more, but I know I’ll never stop missing him. – Faith Howe


Last night (May 16), we said goodbye to our beloved Lucy Collie. She had a mercifully quick decline before dying from kidney failure. As recently as Sunday (when I took this picture) she was enjoying the sunshine with us. We adopted her in 2004 from MWCR when she was 18 months old, and she was a loving pet to us for 13 long years. She leaves us with happy memories and heavy hearts. We know she’s frolicking with Kellie Collie in heaven. She’ll be missed deeply and remembered fondly.

Today is a rough day, and her MWCR sister Ellie is missing her greatly. – Ted & Cara Schmidt