October photo wall

MWCR alum, Buster was adopted in 2016


Murray loves to help with the fall yard work.


Petey thinks muddy feet are a badge of his adventures.


Hobie loves joining his brother Petey for fall hikes.


Campbell, adopted in 2014.


Nick and Blaze in their ‘collie courtyard’.


Allie and Bella enjoying a fall day in their garden.


Desi is ready to greet trick or treaters.


Hudson ‘takin’ it easy’ in Gresham, Wis.

September photo wall

Jerna, Rich & Toby (pictured), wanted to say hello and also say we are doing great :)! Toby has been instrumental with our fostering work (if you can call it work LOL), and is always the perfect gentleman helping new dogs find their way. We are so proud of our Golden Boy! Thank you again MWCR for bringing him in to our lives!


Sweet Rilla, adopted in 2015, is so glad her human brother is sleeping through the night now. She is such a good big sister that she would get up with every single feeding and diaper change and was as exhausted as mom & dad were with the new baby!


Yogi and Maisie Gerber enjoying a fall day.


September events

Repsonsible Dog Ownership Day

Bark Park Expo

Love My Pet Fest

Dogs and More

June photo wall

Recently adopted, Cookie, enjoys some deck time after her spa day.


The Michlig smoothies sunbathing.

Bonnie and Charlie Andert


Austin, loves to watch Sesame Street with a great-niece of MWCR member, Marian Ridge.


Canine Carnival, June 3






Paws on Parade, June 10

Pet-A-Palooza, June 17

May photo wall

Luna (notacollie), all spiffed up for a sunny Saturday – M.F Ridge

Rodgers Norman enjoying Mother’s Day sunshine

Duncan giving the side-eye.

Raney Roggrow wants Mom to stop gardening to play with him.




Photos from the Collie Flower Party at Catholic Eldercare in Minneapolis on May 21


April photo wall

Nick and Blaze Knoll enjoying a spring day.


Lacy was adopted in January by a couple who live in the country with a few horses. This was her first experience with horses. Her family reports she is getting better about being around them close up and now barks less at them. Having had a cat friend at her first home, Lacy, was very happy to see the barn cat at her new home. The cat, however, was curious and cautious about her and would just peer down from the barn loft to check her out from a distance. The cat is gradually getting comfortable around Lacy and will now come down from the loft when Lacy is in the barn and allows Lacy to smell her. Lacy is being very well behaved and sticking close to her owners when outside and doesn’t chase the wild turkeys or deer that come into the nearby fields. Lacy is a lucky girl and gets to go up to the family cabin in northern Wisconsin and she has already been to Nashville twice to visit relatives.
Lacy’s best friend is Sydney, an Australian Shepherd. Sydney and Lacy stay at each other’s homes when either one’s owners go away and cannot take their dog along. This photo of Lacy with Sydney, was taken recently when Sydney stayed at Lacy’s house for two weeks.


All About Dogs event held Saturday, April 29 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Kitty and Arnie Hilk along with Dave Gibson staffed our booth. This was newly adopted Chase’ (the blue merle in these photos), first event! Looks like he did well.





Sunday, April 30 at the Pause 4 Paws Annual Adoption Event, Brooklyn Park, Minn.

Rodgers met so many people and enjoyed ‘leaning’ on anybody who would let him.



Collie Frolic, Sunday, April 30, at Central Bark in Wauwatosa, Wis.








March photo wall

Many of our collies spent time out in the snow after the storm that started March 12th in Minnesota and traveled across Wisconsin the following day.

Yogi Gerber telling Mom it’s time to go inside.


Maisie Gerber


Jake and Dice Michlig


Dakota is the Michlig family cop


Six month old MWCR alum Connor already knows that collies make the best nurses.


Daisy showing off the stylish new jacket her mom made for her.