Adoption update: Victor

VictorwinterI wanted to share an update on Victor.   I  adopted Victor in February of 2014.  He came from unfortunate circumstances and has been challenged with severe fear issues.  He has slowly become comfortable in our home and is happy and loved. We have been working with our vet on some unusual gait issues.  Turns out both front elbows and ankles and feet have pretty severe degenerative arthritis. Most likely from nutritional deficiency throughout his life. Victor is now six years old. We are familiar with taking care of this , but usually it had been with our seniors. We will of course take care of Victor for as long as we can.  He is a gentle living soul. – Beth Gibson 

Adoption update: Snickers

Nick22Update on Snickers (fka Nick), who was an owner surrender adopted in 2013. He came into rescue already shaved, which was a shame, but it did allow us to see how much weight he needed to lose – originally weighing in at 117 lbs. His new mom writes:
After adopting him, I decided that he was so sweet that I changed his name from Nick to Snickers. Snickers’ coat started to grow back to a beautiful sable. With additional help from the vet, Snickers went on a diet and slowly started to lose weight.
Nick+2015 As of this past month, Snickers is down to a much healthier 73 pounds. He loves to play fetch and we spend time everyday playing with his favorite toys.  At ten years old, he has some arthritis in his hips and back, but we still go for gentle walks so that he can get exercise. Everyone who meets Snickers loves him.  Although I have had other really good dogs, Snickers is the best dog I have ever had. I am so grateful to MWCR for letting me adopt Nick, who has thrived despite his difficult circumstances. He is a happy boy who loves to play as much as he loves to cuddle 🙂


Sometimes our collies come in a bit more needy than others. Vice President and Adoption Coordinator Sarah Rebernick tells us about one such collie. Thank you to all our members and donors. You make rescue possible!

Aug. 11

Murdock1Murdoch, a 2-4 year old sable/white boy, came to us from a farmer who found him with a bad wound on his back end. He thought it was a bite from another animal, possibly a coyote and treated him with home remedies. He contacted us to surrender Murdoch and we picked him up on Sunday.

Murdoch2Murdoch’s vet visit on Monday revealed that he is indeed a collie in need of rescue. He has several broken teeth and his coat is tangled into a solidly matted coat of armor with what appear to be metal shavings stuck in it. He tested positive for a couple of tick borne diseases, which is not surprising since he was covered in fleas and ticks under that solid mass of hair. The poor baby also has a large abdominal mass that was drained of over 8 oz. of (icky, stinky) fluid. He went home last night on antibiotics and will return today to be shaved and assess whether or not the mass will need to be surgically removed and if he will need to be neutered – he is matted so badly that they couldn’t tell :-(.

Through all of this he has been an absolute angel and his foster mom cannot say enough about what a nice boy he is. I’m so glad he is here with us and am really, really grateful that his foster mom is willing to help him become the happy, healthy collie he should be!


Aug. 12

Murdoch3Excellent report for Murdoch on his return trip to the vet. The mass stopped draining and was soft and small – we’re hoping it’s part of his original bite wounds and will absorb on it’s own now that it’s been treated. After shaving it was discovered that he will indeed need to be neutered, so we’ll take care of that and assess his teeth when he’s feeling better. The groomer reported that he was a perfect gentleman and even gave her a play bow when she was finished. She did a wonderful job and managed to save some mane and tail – he certainly looks handsome with his new lion cut. He lost 5 lbs of flea & tick matted hair, bringing him down to a svelte 65 lbs, which is just about perfect for him. Foster mom says he feels so much better now that he hasn’t stopped doing a happy dance since they got home :-).


Collie story: Bailey

All spruced up in his patriotic best

All spruced up in his patriotic best

What a week it was! My job sent me to an out-of-state conference. It was my first extended time away from Bailey since I adopted him in December. Mommy was a worried Mom. Sarah Rebernick was my adoption coordinator and had taken plenty of calls/texts from me on questions. Mommy also texted Laura Michlig throughout the conference. Laura was Bailey’s sitter.  Laura was really super by replying in Bailey’s voice saying he missed Mommy too. Then Sarah met up with Terry Libro in Eau Claire and brought back yummies for Bailey and other furry ones in Wisconsin. Sarah and Laura hooked up and Laura stored Bailey’s goodies in her shop. Along the way, Laura groomed Bailey and sent Mommy a picture of him all spruced up. Mommy saw the picture and her heart ached for Bailey. Soon the torture was over and Mommy was able to pick up Bailey. Oh, how smart he looked! Laura says he’s a ladies man. Mommy thinks so, too.

'King' Bailey basking in the sun's rays

‘King’ Bailey basking in the sun’s rays


A BIG thanks to Laura, Sarah and Terry. You made my week away less stressful.  You all are super! Bailey says thank you, too! – Sharon and Bailey

Boating with Jake



Hello, I just thought I would send some updated photos of Jakey. As far as we know this was his first time boating and all he needed was a little nudge for him to jump aboard! We assumed that since he has such a strong love for the outdoors and being like velcro around us (except when he sees squirrels or turkeys), he just might love this. He did and he was a natural!




Whenever the lake would get rocky he would lie down and ride it out. Otherwise he was just fascinated by the water. He didn’t mind the ducks (which is amazing), but oh those speed boats! Well, he made sure to bark enough to let them know to slow down and quit rockin’ the boat 🙂

Toby at home

We are so thankful he loves it! We just wish poor Mr. Toby could go with us but he is not the sea faring type 😦  . . .  so when we set out we make sure he has special toys and a yummy bone. Anchors aweigh fellow collie lovers and we hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

                                   – Sincerely, JA, Rich, Toby, and Cpt Jake of Delavan Lake 🙂

Adoption update: Joy

It’s been too long since I gave an update on Joy. Since her birthday is coming up in July, now seems like the right time.

Joy&friendJoy has adapted to life in Minneapolis very well. At first she was mystified by planes going overhead; now she ignores them completely. What she does not ignore are the numerous friends she has made in the neighborhood, both human and canine. She makes sure to greet every one, and is especially fond of children: Sarah, Maddie, Ava, Lauren, Connor, Jack, and the newest, Louis, who was born only a couple of weeks ago and who she has not really met yet. But she senses something special in the baby carriage and is very curious about him!

Joy also is very friendly with Mr. Wigglesworth, a cat who lives two doors away. Joy loves Mr. Wigglesworth, but I’m not sure the feeling is mutual. But whenever he is out in his cat playpen, she is sure to stop and greet him. She will then walk around the corner to the next block, but soon will turn around and retrace her steps, just to make certain that Mr. Wigglesworth is OK! She doesn’t do this for anyone else.Joy

Visiting the family cabin on Lake Superior is also a big treat, and there are many interesting scents to investigate in the woods. She’s not keen on bears and great horned owls, though. She heard an owl call on a CD one time and it took her many minutes to calm down!

Joy will be hosting our neighborhood dog party in August, and is expecting many of her friends to come visit and play. – Bill Jorgenson

Truly rescued!


By Sarah Rebernick, MWCR Adoption Coordinator

Sweet Ollie’s situation was first brought to our attention by a member in early November. Ollie is an 8-year-old sable/white male who was the victim of extreme abuse due to neglect and was brought into rescue down in Arkansas in early October. This poor boy has bad hips, terrible teeth, was very overweight and heartworm positive. Ollie has a fissure adjacent to one of his back teeth that is open to his sinus cavity and it will require extensive dental intervention. While in Arkansas, Ollie started to lose some weight and gain some confidence as he learned to be a house dog and Ollie is oh so happy to be an inside dog. He was described to us as “sweet, sweet, sweet, and gentle – a true collie gentleman”.  Arkansas Animal Rescue could not afford Ollie’s dental care or heartworm treatment and was looking for another collie rescue to take him in and give him a loving home for his remaining years. MWCR couldn’t help but agree that, despite his many physical issues, this sweet boy deserves a chance at a much better life than he has had.

ArkansasOllie-1One concern when bringing in a case like this is finding a foster home willing to commit to what is definitely going to be long term foster care, but one of our wonderful homes in Wisconsin stepped up almost immediately. The next hurdle, arranging transportation to Wisconsin, proved to be more difficult. Several transports that were set up, including ones with help from Pilots and Paws, fell through at the last minute and we were starting worry. We greatly appreciate the help and suggestions from our members and other rescue groups when we posted about the situation and were thrilled when a member in Missouri not only volunteered to pick him up from Arkansas but to foster him as well. As an added bonus, they live near a vet who specializes in the type of dental care that Ollie will need.
Happily, Ollie is now in his MWCR foster home and has started the first phase of his heartworm treatment. ThiIMG_1865s involves a course of specific antibiotics that will help improve his health in general and kill a parasite inside the heartworm that is believed to make treatment riskier. He has also had his initial visit to assess his dental needs. We will continue to update everyone on his progress.
ollie+003Thank you so much to all of our wonderful volunteers who worked so hard to get Ollie into our care. If you would like to donate to MWCR to help with his medical bills, you can do so through the Donation link at the bottom of our homepage Our member’s dog, Sailor, is helping to raise money for Ollie as well. If you would like to donate by sponsoring Sailor just let us know with a note on the donation form so he can thank you personally!


Foxy Roxy – the Singing Collie

Foxy Roxy

Foxy Roxy

Foxy Roxy, that’s my stage name. I made it up. My real name is Emily Ester Rose Gibson, nickname is Little Em. I am not so little anymore though, but that’s still my nickname. I got the fox from a couple of things. One little boy yelled “here comes a fox!” when I was just walking by, and then I can jump like a fox, all four feet up at once and landing square, quite a trick, if I do say so myself. Then I am foxy, a cute foxy little girl according to Laddie Luke.

I have been singing for my mom for quite a while now. I started because I was happy. A la, la, la, la, la, la, I love you can you see? It’s you, and you, and me, I am as happy as can be, a zee, zee, zee, zee. I was thinking that since I am not getting any younger I should model myself after Lassie, only become a famous singer instead of an actor. As such, I needed a stage name so Foxy Roxy it is! I am thinking that I will sing French love songs. I did learn a little French when I first started school so that should help, it’s all about amour, n’est pas?

Even it doesn’t happen, I can dream. I can dream of my name and picture up in lights while I am singing to my mom, and making her happy too. – Submitted by Barb Gibson

Adoption update: Victor



We are almost to our six month anniversary with Victor joining us.

While Victor still has some fear issues, he has made such great progress. He spends lots of time in the yard with me instead of retreating back into the house immediately.  I am having a special door built just for him so that he can let himself in and out more easily.  We should have that installed by Labor Day.
We have a morning routine where instead of hustling to the door to go out, he lays on top of me and rubs his head and neck on the covers like a cat.  Just watching his expressions now you can tell he is a happy dog.
After six months of vitamins and good food, he is finally shedding his old flat, dry coat and his outer beauty is glowing.  One more brush to get rid of the old and he will have another bath and we will share the new improved Victor. Thank you for letting us bring him to our home. – Beth

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