Volunteers needed in Milwaukee

Once again this year, MWCR will have a booth at the Great Lakes Pet Expo at State Fair Park in West Allis, Wisconsin.
The super fun event is Saturday, Feb. 1, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and we need volunteers to help at the event. Volunteers at the booth sell merchandise, answer questions about our organization – adoption, fostering and the breed in general – as well as show off some of our beautiful collies, although you can still help out even if you don’t bring a collie companion.
I’ll be coordinating the volunteers so if you can help, please let me know at sbrebe@yahoo.comEven if you can’t help man the booth, I hope you’ll check out the event and stop by to say hello!


December Rainbow Bridge


Gabby, I loved you best.

This cold early morning we finally part my friend

And you’ll run on around the bend

Gone from sight but not from mind

New pleasures then you will find

I’ll go on; I’ll find the strength

Life measures quality, not in length

One last embrace before you leave

One last look before I grieve

There is Signe, that is true

But she is she and that’s not you

And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought

Will remember all you taught

Your place I will hold, you will be missed

Your fur I stroked, your nose I kissed

And as you journey to your final resting place

Take this with you…

I loved you best

Perhaps Gabby had always been a bit of a “wild child,” or maybe her stint of homelessness led her to fight for every morsel of food that came her way. Whatever the motive, Gabby would sometimes launch preemptive strikes on other dogs for no apparent reason. When the perfect home came along – a retired gentleman who lived alone on a nice acreage with no other pets – it seemed like a match made in heaven.

Gabby settled in nicely, enjoying daily long walks, attention from her beloved master, and a large yard in which to play. However, she didn’t appreciate Dad’s paying attention to other dogs. As a further insult, one little black dog bit her on the nose without provocation – an understandable turn-off! Sometimes Gabby would stake her claim to territory even if it was while they were out on walks or while visiting another’s home. She would assert alpha dog status and let it be known that she’d better not face any challenge to that ranking! After she lunged at a standard Poodle twice her size on his home turf, Gabby’s Dad realized that she was capable of doing great harm if this behavior went unchecked. He needed help, and he needed it fast!

Fortunately, Gabby lived in Big Bend Wis., close to Frank Allison’s training facility. In their initial one-hour session, Frank used a humane pinch collar, and employing consistency and frequent rewards, he kept reminding her who was boss. “Keep it positive” was his mantra. Frank then took Gabby outside where there were lots of other dogs. Amazingly, after that brief one-on-one session, she was suddenly as interested in the other dogs as they were in her.

Gabby and her master were invited to attend several other training sessions. Her Dad was anxious that Gabby might attack the other dogs, and she quickly sensed his nervousness. Recognizing this, Frank took Gabby in tow to demonstrate his techniques to the group, using this former “wild child” to teach the entire class lessons in canine control. Soon Gabby was shouldering other dogs, ducking through Hula Hoops, jumping up on tables, passing alongside loud vacuum cleaners, and much, much more!

In short, Gabby needed to learn how to socialize with other dogs, and now she can’t wait to visit her canine friends on their walks – well, except for the little black dog who bit her snout! And Gabby now loves Aunt Linda’s standard Poodles and looks forward to house-sitting for them with her Dad! Whether she wonders, as comedian Rita Rudner has speculated, if poodles might be members of some weird religious cult, Gabby isn’t saying, proving once again that she has truly become a lady! No more pinch collar needed for this lovely girl!



We said goodbye today to Pickleman (aka Pickles) after a wonderful, albeit short 17 months together. Sister Kookie (aka Cookie) was with him as he left us. We had a whole year longer than we were told to expect when we adopted him in July 2018.
Note: Pickles came to MWCR after the death of his owner and was at least 13 years old at that time, so that made him at over 14!


A very sad and hard day for us today. Diamond had a great day yesterday playing with Maggie and following me around the dog yard while I picked up the yard. He was happy. But sometime last night he twisted his stomach and we took him into the Vet thinking he had something lodged in his throat. Not the case. We chose to try surgery to hopefully save him, but the stomach was too damaged. He also had an aggressive cancer, so with that in mind we had to let him go. We are lost, numb, and empty right now. It was so unexpected. He was 11 &1/2. He gave us 9 years of unselfish love. He lives on forever in our hearts! Run free, Diamond, with Toby, Buddy, River and Raine! You will be missed!




Today my husband David and I needed to help our MWCR rescue, Murray, over the Rainbow Bridge. We adopted him on May 22, 2018 at age 5 and his name was Twister. His name did not fit him at all as he was as mellow as dogs come, mellower than that actually. We changed his name to Murray. We couldn’t have found a better dog. He was so sweet, unique and special. He was absolutely adorable, almost never barked, loved everyone: kids, dogs, cats, loved walks where he could sniff everything, especially leaf piles. He always wanted to say hi to everyone on our walks. He loved chasing squirrels in the yard and walking around with a stuffed toy in his mouth, snuggling on the couch, even being vacuumed. He was a lover. His symptoms started several months ago and the diagnosis was never definitive; either pancreatic cancer or chronic pancreatitis. We had excellent vet care and provided palliative care., enjoyed each good day. He was so tough and brave and then he became very tired. We knew today was the day, it was so hard to do but we know it was right for Murray. We are comforted in knowing that he is not suffering and hopefully sniffing everything in his new surroundings. We are so thankful to MWCR for matching us with Murray, he gave us so much joy in his short time with us.


December adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator


Dexter, a 1.5-year-old tricolor smoothie male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. This sweet boy with his adorable freckles was transferred to MWCR from a shelter after being found as a stray, likely dumped on a back road. Fortunately someone saw him in the ditch, was able to get him in their car and brought him to the shelter. How anyone could have thrown away a gentle boy like this is unfathomable but things are definitely looking up for Dexter now. In fact his loving personality landed him in the perfect spot before he even completed his journey to his planned foster home – his transport required an overnight stay at another foster and he fit in so perfectly that it was obvious that he’d chosen his forever home. So congratulations on finding his home for the holidays!


Lovely 10-month-old tricolor female, Penny, has been adopted and will be living in Colorado. This sweet young girl was surrendered to MWCR due to significant changes in her owner’s life which meant she would not be getting the attention she deserved. Her new mom is looking forward enjoying lots of hikes and fun in the great outdoors and her new canine sister is excited to have a new BFF to hang with. Congratulations Penny!


Sweet Holly, a 2-year-old sable female, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This loving girl was surrendered when her family realized they didn’t have the right environment for her and wanted a better life for her. Her new family has a human brother and a canine sister for her to play with and the whole bunch of them could not be happier. Congratulation on finding your new home in time for the Holly-days!


November Rainbow Bridge


Sad news from Baron’s mom – he was adopted in 2009: I struggle to type this, but wanted you all to know. I rescued Baron from MWCR 10 years ago, a shy skinny boy that feared all people. He grew to be a strong beautiful people loving collie. In June he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Today (November 15), he crossed the rainbow bridge. He fought long for me and kept his amazing grace. Thank you so much for taking him and giving me the opportunity to give him the best life for 10 years. I am forever grateful!



Sad news from Cricket’s mom: Sadly I am writing this email to let you that Cricket lost her battle with kidney disease early November. We are heartbroken, this sweet little girl was a gigantic part of our lives. Her fun loving, outgoing and cuddly personality could not have been more of a perfect fit for our family. She helped her collie sister, Lacey, come out of her shell and enjoy the outdoors. Thank you for allowing my perfect Cricket to come into our lives, she is deeply missed. I only wish there was more I could have done for her but we were lucky enough to make precious memories with her.



Sadly we had to let our dear Lassie go over the Rainbow Bridge (Nov. 6). She has had hip problems in the past year or so that made it a little hard at times for her to get around but in the past few days she could barely stand and would fall after only a few steps. She also refused to eat the past few days. Lassie would have turned 12 in January.


Lassie came to MWCR in 2009 at a year and a half old when her owner, who was in the service, got stationed to Iraq. Within a day, we knew we knew we would be adopting her – she was just the dog we were looking for. Lassie loved to run free and was always excited when she was allowed outside the fenced area of the seven acres at her home. She liked to show off how fast she could run. Lassie was a wonderful companion who lived up to the character of her breed and her name-sake. Every time a new foster arrived, Lassie was thrilled and would immediately welcome her new friend(s) into a game of chase. Always friendly toward every person and dog she met, one of her favorite things to do at the dog park was to hang out at the gate to meet all the people and the dogs as they would come and go.

When it became difficult for her to run and chase with the dogs she would stand aside and cheer (joyfully bark) while the other dogs played. She enjoyed her years as cheerleader almost as much as she had enjoyed the times she had running with her canine friends.


I adopted Loki in 2011. He was the tricolor smoothie from the litter born on 7-4-2010. When I first got him, he was very shy and scared of so many things. But I dedicated a lot of time and training with him, and year after year he became more and more comfortable with me and his surroundings. Eventually he became so confident and content that you never would’ve known he was ever a timid dog. We did everything and anything together. We had plenty of adventures; travelling, going on hikes, spending time at the dog park, and visiting the beach. But I think our favorite moments together were just cuddling on the couch and relaxing at home. We went through so much together and we became very close. We had a deep connection where I honestly felt he knew exactly what I was feeling, and vice versa. He was my best friend.

Earlier this month, I had to put him down due to inoperable and incurable cancer. He was my best friend and enriched my life in every way possible. My home and heart feel so empty without him. I want to thank MWCR for bringing him into my life. My life wouldn’t have been the same without him and I feel so lucky to have spent the time with him that I did.

November adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordiinator


Ian has been adopted and will be living in North Dakota. An adorable 1-year-old sable/white male, Ian is a typical teenager who was looking for a new home where he can get all the attention and training that a young collie boy deserves. This sweet boy will surely blossom in his new home that has the time and dedication to shape the behaviors that will make him into the majestic companion he’s meant to be – and he even has a zen collie companion to show him the ropes.


Aubrey (nka Kelcie), has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Aubrey is a small sable nine month old female. Some good Samaritans found her running loose and when she was returned to her family, they decided they didn’t really want her back, so the people that found her surrendered her to us. She is an absolute doll – gets along well with other dogs, friendly with strangers, ignores cats, good snuggler, which is great because her new family has another dog for her to play with and a human brother for her to snuggle with. There may be something besides collie in there but whatever it is, it only makes her even cuter.


Handsome Fly, a 1-year-old tricolor male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Fly was surrendered by his loving mom because, after getting out of an abusive relationship, she knew she didn’t have the ability to give him the attention he needed while rebuilding her life. We all know how stressful the environment must have been to a sensitive collie and we’re thrilled that this sweet, fun boy is now in a stable, loving home.


Handsome 6-year-old Dakota (fka Chubs), has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. He was surrendered to MWCR because he wasn’t being accepted by the resident pack. Fortunately for this sweet boy, there was a home ready and waiting for a collie exactly like him! Now he and his new mom have made their own pack with extended family nearby so he never has to go too long without belly rubs.  Happy Holidays to all!


October Adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator


June and Lacey have been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin and Minnesota. They were part of the litter of eight whose mom had been hit and killed by a car.



Handsome Rocky, a 3-year-old sable/white collie/Pyrenees mix, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Rocky was surrendered to MWCR due to his owner’s changing life situation which meant he would not get the attention that he deserved. Rocky’s new home has a canine companion, a mom and dad with lots of love to give, plenty of room to run around and a couple of kitties to keep everyone in line – what more could a good boy ask for?

September adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator

Lovely Lilah, a 9-month-old sable/white female has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Lilah was tearfully surrendered to MWCR when changes for her young family meant they were often gone, leaving her crated for up to nine hours a day. They wanted her to have a home where she would get the attention that she needed and hoped she could even have another pup to romp with. Happily, Lilah’s new home has a human sister and young aussie/x canine buddy – let the playtime begin!





Lovely Abby, a five-year-old tricolor collie female, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Although she has been a beloved pet all of her life, several large life changes led Abby’s owner to contact MWCR for help finding a new home for this sweet girl. Although Abby is not overly fond of other inquisitive dogs (after all, she’s a true lady who thinks butt sniffs are RUDE!), she is now happily coexisting with her new mom and dad’s resident kitties. Congratulations to Abby and her new parents!


This super cute nine week old sable merle boy has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. He doesn’t have a name yet but it sounds like it may be Bart, Brett or Beau – Go Pack!









Adorable Sadie, a 9-week-old sable/white female, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. I’m sure this sweet girl will be a treasured member of the family for a long time



Sasha, 9 weeks old, Signe (fka Masie) and Willi (fka Casey), 12 weeks, all found their forever homes this weekend in Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Sasha came in with two of her siblings and Signe & Willi were part of a litter of eight whose mom had been hit and killed by a car. All of these precious pups are busy stealing hearts and harassing siblings – which is what puppies do best. Congratulations to all!






Adorable Bennie, a 6-month-old collie/afghan mix, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This sweet boy came to MWCR from a local shelter. Bennie is a typical good-natured boy who quickly won the hearts of his new mom and dad and has already become BFFs with his canine sibling. His new home has lots of room to run and even some neighboring cows to befriend, so life is looking pretty good for this strikingly handsome, fluffy boy!







Stacy (nka Callie), had been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. She was part of a litter of eight whose mom had been hit and killed by a car. At this point five of the eight puppies agree, forever homes are the best!



Sweet Tucker, an 11-month-old smoothie, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Tucker came to MWCR after he had been re-homed at least five times though no fault of his own. He was originally saved from a very bad living situation at age five months, but then went to an apartment that was too small for him as he grew. The next home seemed promising but unfortunately a new boyfriend decided he didn’t want him (personally I would have gotten rid of the boyfriend and kept the dog!). Tucker is still a bit of a diamond in the ‘ruff’ but he is smart and loving and his new family has the lifestyle to get his puppy energy out each day, as well the dedication to his continued training and patience to forgive the mistakes he may make along the way to becoming the wonderful companion we all know he will be. Congratulations to this handsome boy!



Another adorable pup is in her forever home – gorgeous Gracie will be living in Minnesota with her new dad.







Lovely Charlotte, an 11-month-old sable/white female, has been adopted and will be living in Iowa. Charlotte was originally living on a working farm but her propensity for chasing cars made her family realize that farm life was not a safe choice for her. This sweet but very shy girl is now enjoying the life of a pampered pet with an experienced, loving mom and dad who are helping her to come out of her shell. Happy life, sweet girl!