MWCR’s first online auction is coming

MWCR is planning to hold its first online silent auction this spring.  The dates haven’t been finalized, but it probably will be held in late March or April.  We’re starting small, with both a smaller number of items as well as items that are easy to ship, until we better understand the software and the process.  Dave Gibson has generously photographed all of the items which include gift cards, collie vintage items, jewelry, dog items, and artwork.

Watch your email for more information.

Nick of Time Grants

vet-expenseAnnually, MWCR sets aside 15-20% of our end-of-year account balance for the Nick of Time grant fund to assist adopted MWCR collies who have extensive veterinary bills.  Grants are generally awarded quarterly with one recipient eligible to receive a maximum of 30% of the fund amount per year. The grants are awarded confidentially and payments are made directly to the adopter’s veterinary clinic.  If your adopted MWCR collie has unusual veterinary bills during 2017, please consider applying and perhaps we can help with some of those bills.  Send an email to and we will get an application form to you.

The American Working Collie Association (AWCA) also provides assistance to collie owners with unusual or unexpected veterinary bills.  Their Compassionate Care Fund is available to collie owners facing serious medical emergency veterinary bills (tests, surgeries, medications, etc.) beyond the ability of the owner to pay.  Collie owners facing the serious illness of their collies and inability to pay emergency veterinary bills may apply regardless of whether they are members of AWCA.  Contact Theresa Pottratz at for more information.  So, if you have a collie with extensive veterinary bills who wasn’t adopted from MWCR, this might be another option.

2017 MWCR Elections

election-ahead-sign-375x250Watch for emails from the MWCR Nominating Committee in the next few weeks regarding the 2017 MWCR elections for Vice President and Treasurer, positions currently held by Sarah Rebernick and Beth Selburg.   The Committee will request nominations for those offices and will mail ballots at the end of February to members who renewed on or before December 31, 2016.  Thank you for participating in the election.

New Initiative for a MWCR partner

gottaAnnouncing Pause 4 Paws’ first Pause 4 Paws “Special Initiative” — a new element of work on behalf of the animal rescue community. In addition to their core fundraising efforts on behalf of Beneficiary Organizations, Pause 4 Paws has decided to add a strategy that will focus on providing several targeted fundraising efforts each year designed to address a particular need or situation.

The first Pause 4 Paws Special Initiative will focus on saving the Cuale Island Cats in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  In November 2015, 130 cats, several dogs, puppies and kittens were poisoned. Puro Gato has a security guard that patrols the area each night, but people have continued to find ways to abuse and kill the animals despite their efforts to keep them safe.

After visiting the island and meeting with several of the local rescue groups, it became clear that the number of cats being abandoned is quickly going to exceed the resources that are available in Puerto Vallarta. A broader strategy is needed in order to provide robust security for the animals and to reduce the population on the island by facilitating adoptions.                                                                                       

Pause 4 Paws has a plan to help. They have identified a cargo company that will fly a plane with 50 – 75 cats to Chicago, where volunteers will drive the cats to Minnesota to be placed with foster families or adopted. The goal is to raise $10,000 over the next 30 days to pay for the flight, vetting and care for the animals when they arrive.  Every cat will have a placement identified before they arrive.

The campaign is called Gotta Getta Gato and has a P4P Special Initiative web page to highlight the ways people can help, hoping to meet the fundraising goal by February 15th.

P4P is also looking for families who might be willing to foster one (or more) of the cats while they work to find them new homes. You will see the campaign play out over social media and on their website during the next month. Please visit Paws 4 Pause website for regular updates about the initiative.


Happy New Year

mwcr logoIn 2016, we experienced the joy of finding new homes for our collies and welcoming new adopters and members to our MWCR family.  We also experienced the sadness of losing dear collies and members, dogs and people who will always be part of the fabric of MWCR.  As the new year begins, we remember those we’ve lost and look forward to the happiness of collies finding new homes and people finding happiness with their new four-legged family member.