November adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, V.P. & Adoption Coordinator


Adorable Ash, a 1.5-year-old sable/white male has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Although Ash loves people of all kinds, this handsome boy was surrendered to MWCR because he was running a’fowl’ of the chickens, ducks and turkeys that his family raised for food. We’re happy to announce that his new home does not have any companions of the feathered variety and the resident kitty has already made sure he knows that she’s in charge. Fortunately, Ash seemed to have no problem abdicating that responsibility and happily went back to chewing on his antler.



Shadow, a 1-year-old sable/white male has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Shadow was surrendered to MWCR because his youthful exuberance was too much with a new baby in the household. Babies just don’t know how to play with a teen-aged collie and his mom realized that she couldn’t keep up with both of them. Fortunately for Shadow, his new mom is ready and willing to take on this youngster’s exuberance and show him the path to become a wonderful companion. Looks like he’s already settling in pretty nicely.



Handsome smoothie Birk, a 5-year-old merle headed white male has been adopted and will be living in Iowa. Birk was surrendered when he had some issues with a couple of neighborhood canine troublemakers that came through the invisible fence. Fortunately for him, his new home comes equipped with nice wooden fence, a companion collie and a new mom and dad that will be around most of the time. Happy home!




October Adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator


Joyous Jessie, a 4.5 year-old sable/white female has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Her Mom hit a rough patch in life and tearfully surrendered Jessie to MWCR in order for her to have a better future. This sweet lady will now be enjoying her huge fenced yard, sister collie and a mom and dad that are home most of the time. Congratulations to all!


Sweetie Dickens, a 2-year-old red tricolor collie mix, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. She came to MWCR after being brought in from a cruelty case by the AHS. She was very scared and not doing well in the shelter environment but really blossomed in foster care.

With no disrespect to the fabulous Gloria Gaynor, we present The Ballad of Sweetie Dickens (now happily renamed Sadie). Feel free to sing along.
🎶 At first I was afraid, I was petrified.
Kept thinking something here would hurt me with you by my side,
But I’m not the kind dog who just feels sorry for myself,
So I grew strong and I learned how to get along.
And now I’m home! I’m not alone!
I’ve got toys and beds and couches of my very own.
I’ve got all my fur to pet, I’ve got all my treats to get,
I will survive, I’ll learn high fives! woof, woof! 🎶


Buddy (aka Snowy), a 2-year-old sable-headed white male, has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. This handsome boy is a deaf “double dilute”, the result of breeding two merle collies. He was sadly surrendered due to the owner losing her home. He’s such a love that his foster mom wanted to keep his original name of Buddy because that is exactly what he is. He is also quite the gentleman and enjoys the company of other dogs and cats so I know he’s going to love having both a new canine and human sister to play with.

Beethoven, a 6-month-old male collie/golden mix, has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. He and his brother came to MWCR when there was a death in the family and this wonderful smart pup will be an excellent family dog.
Beethoven is a bit shy at first but gets along with everyone and everything and is quickly learning all the ins and outs of being a ‘good boy’. As long as his new family makes a commitment to continuing his education and socialization, he will be a great companion once he outgrows the usual puppy naughtiness. With the smarts and strength of a golden combined with the smarts and grace of a collie, this sweet Beethoven hits all the right notes!


Sweet Piper, a 7-month-old female sable merle has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This lovely girl was reluctantly surrendered by her loving mom because of changes in her life that make it difficult to meet Piper’s needs. You see, Piper had an accident when she was four months old that resulted in three fractures to her pelvis and hip and needed to find a home that could help with her exercise regime and rehabilitation. Although she will never be an agility dog or run a marathon, her new mom is more than happy to share her life with such a loving companion.

We’re also sending out a big Thank You! to our wonderful members Jim & Nadine Ferlaak who stepped up to fly this sweet girl to her foster home in order to shorten her travel time. Piper won the hearts of everyone involved in her transports and her happy, friendly personality makes friends wherever she goes. We know her fan club is only going to grow over time.


Prince, a 6-month-old Gollie (collie/golden mix), has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Prince, who came to MWCR when there was a death in the family, was adopted out a couple weeks ago but his new family unfortunately discovered they were extremely allergic to him. Happily, there was another adopter who had been waiting for a happy, wiggly bundle of puppy energy to join their family and Prince now has a new home with a canine buddy and two human brothers to keep him entertained. Congratulations cutie!

Buddy, a 9-year-old sable/white male has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. This sweet, friendly boy was surrendered to a shelter when his owner hit a rough patch in life. Fortunately a fellow collie lover was able to notify us right away and help get him to his foster home. Now he is in his forever home, enjoying a soft bed and belly rubs.


Buddy is a big boy, weighing in at almost 130 lbs., so his new mom will be continuing his strict diet in order to lose weight and avoid injuries to his joints and ligaments. But just as he is “king-sized” in his physique, he also has a king-sized sweetness to his personality. He’s such a good boy that the store manager at Walmart offered to hire Buddy as a Greeter!

August adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, Adoption Coordinator


Memphis, a 7-year-old tricolor male has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Memphis is a typical velcro collie that would like nothing more to do than follow you from room to room and snuggle with you continuously. He loves to get hugs, give kisses and lie down next to you. We felt that the perfect home for Memphis was with people who would enjoy showering him with love and his new family definitely fits the bill – and he didn’t even need to go all the way to Tennessee !


Elvis is IN the building! Even better, that building is his new home in Wisconsin. This 7-year-old tricolor male came from a loving home with an owner who was reluctantly forced to re-home him due to some of the unfortunate challenges that life sometimes delivers. Elvis was surrendered with his brother but didn’t mind parting company with his litter mate – sometimes brothers are just a pain, you know? He’s gets along well with other dogs and is good with cats, which is great because his new home has one for him to enjoy.

This affectionate, easy-going boy gets along with everyone and has been a favorite at his groomer and his veterinarian. He also loves a game of ball, or even better, frisbee and is an excellent walking or driving companion – any activity that he gets to do with his people is A-OK with him! Congratulations on your new home, sweet boy!


I am so excited to announce that Millie has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. This lovely 13-year-old girl has only recently been introduced to the joys of indoor living but she took to it like a duck to water. She quickly realized that there is nothing like a comfy bed and now she has one in her very own forever home. Millie came to MWCR when she was surrendered to a local humane society due to her age. It is truly touching that we have awesome adopters who realize seniors like her deserve to live in comfort and safety. Their reward is unconditional love, affection and companionship.

July adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, Adoption Coordinator

Handsome Brodie, a 4-year-old blue merle male, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This big happy boy was surrendered by his family because he needed a lifestyle change. You see he was living on a lake and although he was very loved, he is also quite reactive and just could not keep from trying to chase bikes, motorcycles, joggers, Amish buggies and boats! So we set off on a search for the perfect place with all the elements that would let the Bro-man relax and enjoy life – fenced yard, quiet neighborhood, no little kids and a nice canine companion. Happily, we were able to check all those things off the list and Brodie is settling into his new home nicely 🙂



Hudson, a 1.5-year-old tricolor male has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. This handsome boy was re-homed because his family could not give him the time and attention he deserved when they discovered that adding a young collie to their life was more than they could handle.

Hudson is a sweet boy who loves to snuggle and be with his people. He gets along well with other dogs although he is a little shy in new situations and when first meeting people but he warms up quickly and loves getting pets and being told how handsome he is .
Although his temperament is all collie, there may be a bit of something else mixed in since he’s just a little bit broader in the forehead than some collies (maybe some scotch or border collie?). Hudson’s new home has lots of room to play and someone who will almost always be with him, which is just what this wonderful boy needs and deserves.

May adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, V.P. & Adoption Coordinator


Handsome Titan (nka Casey), a 1-year-old sable/white male has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. This big boy is still working on some grown-up manners but he doesn’t need any lessons to learn how to snuggle and give collie kisses. His new kitty sister isn’t too sure about him but word is that he thinks she’s great 😉


Handsome Copper, a 2-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Kansas. Copper was surrendered to a shelter with dermatomyocitis (DM), an autoimmune disorder of skin and muscle found primarily in collies and shelties. His new dad did lots of research on DM before deciding to adopt him – he understands the care that Copper may need and is looking forward to helping him reach his full potential. Copper is just excited to have his very own person to snuggle 🙂



Sammy, a 12-year-old sable/white male – born on Valentine’s Day – was in permanent foster care but his foster mom decided it was time to make him a ‘real’ member of the family, so he has been officially adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. He was originally found by a Good Samaritan and they were able to trace Sammy’s owner from the microchip scan. MWCR contacted Sammy’s dad and he decided to surrender him so that he could have a better life than he could give him, spending too much time alone because he worked long hours and his kids were grown and no longer living at home. Sweet Sammy is a gentle, loving boy and we are thrilled that ‘foster mom’ is now simply ‘mom’ 🙂



Lovely Cookie, an 11-year-old sable/white female, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Cookie has discoid lupus, also known as ‘collie nose’, and she came to MWCR when her family was not able to care for her. Thanks to the help of many caring people, this sweet and gentle lady has found her forever place with a family who is happy to deal with her special needs. They are already in love and it sounds like the feeling is mutual – foster mom said Cookie had a big smile on her face as she bounced into their car like she owned it 🙂

April Adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, Adoption Coordinator


Charming Nicholas (Nico), a 2-year-old mahogany sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin.  This sweet boy was surrendered to MWCR by a good samaritan who was worried that he would end up in a bad place when his original family didn’t have time for him anymore. This wonderful boy is working very hard to spruce up his manners but one thing he didn’t need to learn was how to be a sweet and loving collie!



Sweet Laddie, an 11-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. This wonderful gentleman proves the power of a tiny microchip. After picking him up from animal control we called the microchip company and they were able to tell us who this sweet boy was registered to! Sadly, after contacting his owner he was not able to go back to his original home but happily, we now know his age, name and history. Laddie is now comfortably enjoying his new forever home which includes MWCR senior siblings Bella & Jade (nka Kade).



Charming Crystal, a 1-year-old female double-dilute white collie, has been adopted and will be living in Missouri. Crystal is both blind and deaf – the result of a mating between two merle parents. She is the remaining sibling of Cloud (deaf) and Blue (blind), who were both recently adopted. These beautiful dogs were saved from euthanasia by their Guardian Angel and surrendered to MWCR. Crystal took to her new mom and dad right away and she also has two collie siblings to help her find her way, so life is pretty good for her :-).

March adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, Adoption Coordinator


Pretty Mandy, a 5-year-old tri-headed white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Mandy originally came to MWCR after spending the first few years of her life as an outdoor farm dog. This diminutive diva has returned to us after spending a couple years learning all about the comforts of indoor living and even passing her Canine Good Citizen test. Mandy is a sweet and clever girl who is now sharing her life with a new mom, dad, human brother and collie sister. Congratulations to the whole family!

Ginger Bear




I am so excited to share the news that Ginger Bear has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This beautiful, sweet collie girl, with an immune system disorder which affects her skin, was sadly surrendered to MWCR by her loving family when they were unable to successfully treat her condition. Ginger Bear has been through lots of testing and treatment and she was doing so well with the help of her awesome foster mom that she was ready to move on to her new home. She is already settling in nicely and we’re sure she will continue to do well in this loving home which has exactly the kind of low stress environment that her condition calls for. Congratulations to this sweet girl!


Adorable Ben (nka Cooper), a 4.5 month old sable merle, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Weighing in at 40 lbs already this little guy will soon be a Big Boy and his new home has plenty of room to grow and a collie sibling to show him the ropes. This clever pup has many more things to learn as he grows, but he has already mastered cuddling and that’s just about the most important skill a collie can have 🙂



Handsome Luke, a 1-year-old tricolor male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. His sweet personality is testament to just how much he has been loved in the past and his future is also going to be full of lots of love and attention. This big, gorgeous boy will now be sharing his life with a young family complete with two human brothers, a collie sibling and a huge fenced yard for awesome play times. Congratulations to all!





Blue, a 1-year-old merle-headed white has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Blue is blind, a “double dilute” characteristic that is the result of an accidental mating between two merle parents. Blue and his brother Cloud were saved from euthanasia as puppies and recently surrendered to MWCR. Now both of these sweet boys have found their new homes and we couldn’t be happier 🙂



Stunning Star, a 1-year-old tri-headed white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. This sweet, gentle young lady loves cuddles, playtime and her new collie brother, who is just as smitten with her. Star has become part of the club known as “Foster Failures”and we couldn’t be happier that she found the perfect place for her so easily.