About MWCR

Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue (MWCR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization of volunteers dedicated to the care of rough and smooth collies. Donations to MWCR are tax deductible. Our purpose is to rescue collies who have lost their homes, place them in foster homes, provide medical care, assess their traits and personalities, find the best possible adoptive match for them, and place them in loving forever homes. Our volunteers and foster homes are located in Minnesota and Wisconsin and several other states, and our collies have been placed from New York to Texas to California to Canada as well as in our region. MWCR accepts rough and smooth collies and may accept collie mixes on a space available basis.

Main website

We’re looking for your events, collie stories, announcements and pictures!

Please send all submissions to blog@mwcr.org

9 thoughts on “About MWCR

  1. my daughter is interested in a companion dog for special needs. would a rough collie be a good dog for this?

  2. Do you even still put out a MWCR Calendar, I was looking for one for this year and could not find one, are you going to have one for 2019?

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