August Rainbow Bridge

Submitted by the people who loved them


Yesterday (July 31), we said goodbye to our sweet Shasta. She came to us 11 years ago and would have celebrated her 14th birthday next week and she was truly a collie who needed rescue – she was starved and neglected when she came to MWCR. Shasta spent the first three years of her life chained up and at first she only knew how to hop up and down as if she was still chained.

It took our scared, shy, skinny girl several months to realize that she now had all the good things collies should have waiting for her but once she did she embraced it with great enthusiasm! She loved the snow, running free in her big fenced yard and bossing around three male collies who all understood that she was in charge. Two of them have already crossed the Bridge ahead of her and we’re sure they were waiting to greet her. We always joked that she must have come from Wisconsin originally because her absolute favorite treat was cheese. We are so thankful to all the people who helped save her so that she was able to enjoy the great collie life she deserved and we will miss her greatly.


RIP Scotch, from his mom: After 12.5 wonderful years, I had to ease Scotch to the rainbow bridge. I’m very sad, he was the best dog ever.








Danny, who we adopted in December 2008, has gone over the rainbow bridge. He was about 13 years old and was very healthy until recently when his hind legs started to give him trouble as arthritis had set in. We got him a new orthopedic bed and bought him a sling so we could help him walk but in the end he was in pain and we decided the time had come – Always a hard decision but the best one for him.  – Sincerely, Colleen and Kris, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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