July Rainbow Bridge

Submitted by the ones who loved them


RIP handsome Chester who was adopted in 2012 after he was found as a stray with a badly injured foot. At the time we felt that he may have been caught in a trap and chewed his leg to free himself. Despite this tragic incident, Chester was a sweet, loving boy and will be greatly missed by his family.







Just over four years ago I submitted an application for a rescue collie. I asked for a young female. The Collie Rescue instead sends me a picture of a five year old male. LOL. I fell instantly in love. Such a classic collie. Charlie was my fifth collie and he was the funniest dog I ever had. LOVED his toys, constantly protected us from the vacuum, the mail truck and all things on wheels. This past February he was diagnosed with liver cancer and was given one to two months to live. This brave boy made it until today. HUGE HUGE hole in my heart and our house but so blessed to have had him in our lives. He was the first collie that Joe let come into his office (aka Man Cave), LOL. He had a fan club with the neighborhood little girls and they came over today to read him the book Dog Heaven before he passed. Run free Mister Charlie.


July adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator

Black Jack

Sweet senior Black Jack has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. We’re happy to report that at his vet check up on Thursday he had gained three pounds! Excellent work on behalf of his foster home and his new family will continue fattening him up. His new home has another senior collie to be his buddy and I’m sure they are looking forward to spoiling this sweet boy with love and treats! I know his former mom would be so happy with this outcome. (Note: Jack needs some good thought sent his way. His appetite is down and he is losing weight. His vet is trying to figure out why).


Adorable Jack, a 1-year-old tricolor male, has been adopted and will be living in Minn.  Jack was surrendered because his owner knew he was not happy living in an apartment and needed more space and attention. This sweet, loving boy is thrilled with his new family and big back yard. His mom says he’s a major cuddle-bug who loves to play and learn new things. So happy this boy has found the right fit for his personality!

Our lovely golden girls, Emeline, an 8-year-old merle and Jasmine, a 6-year-old tricolor, have been adopted and will be living in Minn.. The girls came to us as a bonded pair and we are so happy that they can stay together. Their new mom is excited to welcome them to her home and we’re all pleased the the resident collie and kitties think the girls are great companions. Congratulations Girls!


Sweet, petite 1-year-old smooth collie mix, Malibu, has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. Malibu came to us after she was surrendered to a shelter because her family couldn’t afford to keep her. At the shelter she was extremely scared and shy, but soon started to warm up to her caregivers. Malibu’s exam showed that she had a heart murmur and their vet felt she should have further testing, so they reached out to us to see if we could bring her in.

So, of course, we did just that. Our vet started with bloodwork and then an ultrasound, which showed that there are actually two different things going on with her heart. Neither one was a huge concern on its own but since she has both, they recommended a cardiac consult as well. The cardiologist gave the go ahead for her to be spayed and felt that her condition shouldn’t impact her quality of life. I want to give a huge Thank You! to her foster mom, Nancy Kibbe, who did such a great job getting Malibu ready for adoption (especially during these unusual times), and has continued to work with her adoptive mom to help Malibu settle into her new home.

Her new mom says:  She is doing amazingly well. She lays by my feet napping as I write this. She loves her yard and all the neighbors’ dogs. She runs up and down the fence with the neighbor’s big German Shepherd who first barked in her face, now they are nose to nose and her fear is gone. My brother has been helping her get over her fear of men and it’s working. Malibu has a pretty level temperament and we give her the space and time to decide men are okay. She gets pretty rambunctious in the morning (puppy energy) but will play and play with her toys – one of the very first things she did was pull every last toy out of her baskets and I have many.  She loves them all. She loves her walks, wants to chase all the birds, rabbits . . . all this energy.  I make the walk longer so she can get some of this puppy energy out. She is a wonderful dog with nice traits. I’m very happy to have adopted her.  She is adapting to her new home quite well – more quickly than I ever expected and it’s really nice to see she is happy and settling in. She also had a really great foster mom who helped her along. So it may have been a little rough for Malibu in the beginning but it’s all going in a good direction.
Congratulations to Malibu and her new mom!