June Rainbow Bridge

Submitted by the families who loved them.


RIP Ringo, adopted 01/2012 when he was seven years old. His mom says: I am letting you know he passed 05/29 at the age of 15. We miss our sweet boy so much. His name was Mingo..we changed his name to Ringo Starr. Attached is a photo from last week. Of Ringo and his also rescued aussie brother. Ringo was unable to stand on his own at this point. Because of COVID we had to wait a few days. So we hand fed him and carried him so that he could relieve him self. Best dog ever.


Yesterday (June 1), our beloved Lacey crossed the Bridge as gently and quietly as she lived. Lacey was born March 17, 2008, one of five collie puppies that came to be known as the St. Patrick’s Day puppies. We received her as a foster at  nine weeks of age and fell in love at first glance. Lacey had two MWCR older brothers, Astro and Max. They fell in love with her just as fast as Bruce and I did. Now she is racing through the meadow with her big brothers and all the wonderful pets we have known and loved.


Saying So Long:
Through tears, I am trying to honor one of my best friends and one of the best studio assistants ever. We had to have Scotch put down last Sunday due to laryngeal paralysis that was getting worse and causing more and more bouts with aspiration pneumonia. He was a sweet gentleman to the end, still initiating play in the morning and “bopping” me for a snuggle even though he was having trouble breathing.

There are so many memories:
•His love of keep-away, staying fractions of an inch out of our reach for a toy, ducking his head just enough to keep the toy away—with a gleam in his eye the whole time
•Watching him roll in the grass for the shear joy of it
•Seeing him figure out how to play hide-and-seek with us, another of his favorite games
•Many, many collie kisses and snuggles
•Having him lay close when he sensed his humans needed him to do so
•Poking me when I sat down to practice piano to get a rub, then laying down with a HUGE groan. My toughest music critic
•Watching him cuddle his teddy bear
•Listening to him “cry” with joy when I came home a few years ago from an extended hospital stay. He never left my side that night
•Always, always seeing his shear love of life. A memory I/we will never forget

Our hearts are broken. There will be more collies in our house if at all possible — that’s just a part of our lives. We’d fail at any attempt to foster any rescue collies, like Scotch was, but we can do our best to give the best home possible to a collie in need. Scotch taught us that.

3 thoughts on “June Rainbow Bridge

  1. My sympathies to each of these families for their losses. They ARE family and we love them, that is why we miss them so much and mourn their passing. They remain in our hearts forever, and many, maybe most of us believe we will see them again when it is our turn to cross the bridge.
    Gentle hugs for each of you. 🤗🤗

  2. Completely off-topic. I can’t figure out where else to put this information. Your adoptions link now goes to something that demands a registration password. Malfunction maybe? In any case, please delete this message as soon as you can. Grieving families don’t need this.

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