May Rainbow Bridge


Beloved 12-year-old collie mix Robi went over the Rainbow Bridge May 10 due to lung cancer. Robi is truly an example of MWCR’s care and commitment throughout our collies’ lives. He was first surrendered to MWCR in 2010 with a badly broken leg and nursed back to full health by one of our wonderful fosters (thank you Monty & Victoria, before being adopted. In 2012 Robi was returned when his herding instincts were causing him to be reactive toward the comings and goings of the neighboring school. So Robi headed to his next foster home in the wilds of northern Minnesota where they fell in love and realized that he had found his forever home with them. There Robi discovered a love for the outdoors and a special affinity for skijoring. We grieve his loss along with his loving mom, dad and canine brother – run free sweet boy.



Saying goodbye is never easy. To say goodbye to two of your dogs in a few months is just hard. We said goodbye to DiceMan today (May 11). We have had Dice for eight years. He took a huge piece of my heart today. My pack feels so empty. Rest in peace boys till we meet again. – Laura, Dice and Dakota’s mom



From Keeper’s mom: My beloved Keeper was humanely euthanized this afternoon, after an emergency exploratory surgery revealed inoperable, untreatable stomach cancer. He was 11.5 years old. I adopted him from Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue five years ago, almost to the day. Five years was not enough. It was a privilege and joy to be his mum and I am forever grateful to MWCR for entrusting him to me.

He was beautiful. He was a very tall, very long collie with the most beautiful mahogany coat that I have ever seen. He was radiant in the sun, and when he ran to greet me with his big, happy smile, he took my breath away.

His greatest beauty was his personality. He was a gentle, kind, sensitive dog. He loved “his” kitties and was always patient and kind to them, even when they were demonic. He tolerated his bossy “brother” dog without complaint (except for the occasional disagreement over treats). His only enemy was the road grader/plough. He barked ferociously to protect his family, and sometimes just for the hell of it.

He was serious and funny, elegant and goofy, obedient and sometimes naughty, always loving. It’s hard to think of going on without him.


Thirteen year-old Gracie crossed over the Bridge to join her siblings, Aurora and Cody. She was adopted in 2008 and will be greatly missed. Run free sweet girl!



May adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator


Wallace, a 7-year-old sable headed white male, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Wallace was surrendered when his growing family realized that he was not getting the attention that he needed. He also wasn’t super thrilled about sharing his life with toddlers, except for snarfing up treats that little hands might drop – he’s a bit of a chunky monkey – so a more laid back lifestyle was in the cards for him. He recently met some potential adopters but in the end Wallace decided that he would be happiest staying with his foster family even though he’s been on a diet (he’s lost almost 10 lbs so far!). So congratulations to his family and good luck with his continued weight loss!



Handsome Toby, a 1-year-old sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. He was originally intended to be a balance assistance dog and has always been loved but Toby failed the test. His mom reluctantly surrendered him knowing that she was not able to provide the care this active boy needed. Happily, this bouncy boy has landed in the perfect place with a large fenced yard and another young collie for a playmate. Congratulations to all!




And on Dog Rescue Day another happy young boy has found his forever home. Nine-month-old Cooper was surrendered to MWCR due to his owner’s poor health and will be living in Wis., with his new mom and dad. Congratulations!