April Rainbow Bridge


We got Duncan from MWCR in August of 2008 as a puppy. He joined a sable sister, Ruby, who was also a MWCR adoption, and tri brother Trouble, who helped raise him.  Duncan eventually became the pack leader.  He slept on our bed with us.  He was very vocal and liked to sing along with us. He would be the first to announce any strange noise or whenever a coat was put on or a door was opened. It’s terribly quiet here now. On March 3rd, he was at a grooming appointment and collapsed. The vet was in that same building and quickly ran tests to tell us he was anemic, and a scan showed fluid in his abdomen.  He had an emergency splenectomy and initially did well,  but did not regain the use of his back legs and was in a lot of pain. We helped him cross the Bridge on March 7th.  He is survived by collie brothers blue merle Luke and tri Gustopher. We all miss him terribly.


RIP Gabe: We volunteered to foster Gabe and he entered our care on 9-1-2012. Gabe with a few other collies were rescued from a hoarder in Iowa. Having two other (MWCR) companions he fit right in. Our plan was to get Gabe healthy and be ready for his Forever Family. He was so joyous and accepting of all that we and our collie companions could offer. Gabe was so very sick having severe medical issues and malnourished. He barely weighed 50#. It was estimated then he was about four years old. But our vet felt he was about six  or seven. He was with us for six months before he was finally ready to be adopted and at his targeted weight of 95#. Like I always say, “What’s one more”! Gabe got along very well with our other  collies, Reese and  Ryder. He decided to become our #3 collie companion. He was so easy. Gabe always had that collie smile, so sweet and wonderful temperament. Gabe, like so many large breed dogs, began to have weakness in his rear. Cold laser therapy, joint meds, vitamin B-12 injections and acupuncture did not help. He was a trooper and never complained. Reese and Ryder passed within three years of Gabe being here. So I became his one and only, my heart dog. He read me like a book. We did everything together. He was mine, and I was his. I miss you dear boy. Our home is very quiet with no pet companions now. We loved you so very much sweet boy. Tom & Vickie


RIP sweet boy: This is Jo. We brought him home from his foster family the summer of 2010. He was an energetic boy, full of life and happy to be with us. As you might guess, he was something of a scamp, but he was our scamp. He loved playing ball, playing with his tug rings, and hunting for mice in the field near our house. While he enjoyed getting attention from others, he was happy to do anything that involved being with his people, whether it was taking walks, riding in the car, or just lounging while we watched TV.

For all his enthusiasm, he had his quiet moments where he’d just look at you with those collie eyes, and those times, you got the impression he was seeing depths in you that you didn’t know you had.

Once he started pushing 13, little aches and pains seemed to last longer. His hind legs didn’t work quite as well as they used to. There was a diagnosis of arthritis. He wasn’t so interested in balls or tugging, and when he did decide he wanted to play, he didn’t care to do it for as long as he did when he was younger. He still liked going for walks and rides, so we did as much of that with him as we could.

Last fall, he started breathing funny and it was a while before we finally got a diagnosis of laryngeal paralysis and a “spot” on his lungs. It was while we discussed tie-back surgery that we learned about GOLPP. Suddenly it wasn’t about the arthritis or the spot and his symptoms seemed to snowball.

It was a systemic break down that we weren’t able to overcome. Breathing became a chore and his gait became unsteady and he couldn’t figure out whether he was walking on the top or bottom of his hind paws sometimes.

After a while all the meds couldn’t help. When he didn’t care to eat – Jo, a dog who never turned down a meal, and managed to find “snacks” of his own on our walks – even on an kick-butt appetite stimulant, we knew the day we’d dreaded, the day we hoped would never come, had arrived.

He had his last car ride on March 26. He no longer hurts, he can breathe normally, and he can chase as many balls and do as much tugging as he wants – just not with us right now.

We love you, Jo, and miss you terribly. Thank you for nearly ten years of being our boy. Best Collie Ever.

Thank you MWCR for entrusting him to us. He’s left a Jo shaped hole in our hearts.


McCoy, adopted in August of 2008, went over the Rainbow Bridge April 25, 2020. RIP handsome boy.


April adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator


Lovely Cinder, a 3-year-old collie/shepherd mix, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin.  She is named for the striking gray/merle color of her coat and her backstory is a bit sketchy since she was surrendered to MWCR by local animal control after a humane intervention at her home. She is quite shy so will really benefit from the patience of her new mom and dad and their quiet home situation. She is an extremely sweet and loving girl so some basic training and gentle socialization should help her become an excellent companion. Congratulations on your new home, beautiful girl!


So happy for Tucker, the 1.5=year-old male smoothie mix, to start his new life in Michigan. We’re all confident that Tucker will love his new home – lots of acreage, large fenced yard area, another collie for playmate, and a young, active mom and dad who are dog and animal lovers to the core. As an added bonus, he gets some new grandparents nearby with their fun-loving pups as well and everyone is so excited that he’ll be a part of their extended pack.


Lovely five year old tricolor MWCR alumni Abby was also adopted the same weekend as Tucker. Sadly, Abby’s dad developed serious health issues that required her to be re-homed. Abby is a sweet loving girl but not overly fond of other dogs, so we were happy to have a great waiting adopter where Abby can enjoy her role as an only dog.