January adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator

Ruby & Saphire

Ruby and Sapphire, sable/white females, celebrated their 4th birthday on New Year’s Eve, and are now celebrating moving in with their new family. These gems were tearfully relinquished when their master passed away and his wife was concerned about her ability to care for them through the winter months.

Being litter mates, these super sweet girls are the best of friends and do most everything together, so we are especially happy that the Jewels are able to stay together in their new home in Wisconsin.


Sweet Cassie, a 7-year-old sable/white female, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Cassie has arthritis and chronic dry eye, which affects her vision and requires eye drops several times a day. She was surrendered to a small rescue group by her elderly owner due to her own health issues. Cassie was placed in a foster home by that group but it wasn’t working out, so they contacted MWCR to see if we had room for her. Of course we said yes, and her new foster home also started her on a diet because she’s quite the little chunky monkey, lol. Now this sweet girl has a new home where she will continue her foster home’s work of shedding a few pounds (which I’m sure will help with her arthritis) and get lots of love from her new mom.

Just ahead of a predicted snowstorm, Briggs, a 14-month-old male who was surrendered due to allergies, and Sati, a 1-year-old female who was surrendered due to her owner’s illness, have each found their new homes in Wisconsin.


Handsome Briggs and his new dad are looking forward to lots of play dates with their collie friends.


Sweet Sati has a new collie sister to be her BFF. Hopefully they all have fun playing in the snow this weekend!


2 thoughts on “January adoptions

  1. thanks for keeping me posted with MWCR newsletter.. Re canine arthritis with recently adopted Cassie — a friend of mine, a nurse ( and one of Chase’s aka Merlin’s best friends) recommended nettles for arthritis in senior dogs. Adding some nettles to my collie’s food every day has really helped my rescued Danny feel so much better. I tell folks in my neighborhood who meet and love him that ” I can hardly keep up with my 12 year old Collie”!!

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