May Rainbow Bridge


Handsome senior Rex, adopted in early 2018, was found as a stray and surrendered to MWCR. This is from his mom and dad who gave him a wonderful, loving home:
May 9th, our beautiful beloved friend, Rex, went over the Rainbow Bridge. Because each step he took was painful, because he did not see well anymore, and mostly looked sad, because he could not get better, but only worse, we gently let him go. We are so grateful to have been able to have him with us as long as we did. His spirit was generous and gentle. His presence was comforting. Thank you, Rex, for coming to be part of our family as you always will be. Thank you MWCR for letting us bringing Rex to our lives.


Laddie, originally known as Murdock, was indeed a collie in need of rescue when he came to us in 2015. He had a bad wound on his back end, several broken teeth and his coat was tangled into a solidly matted coat of armor with what appeared to be metal shavings stuck in it. He tested positive for tick borne diseases, which was not surprising since he was covered in fleas and ticks under that solid mass of hair. He also had a large abdominal mass that was drained of over 8 oz. of infected fluid. He was so badly matted that they couldn’t even tell if he was neutered until he was shaved. Despite it all, he was an absolute angel to everyone who was helping him and we share his family’s grief at his loss.

This is from his loving family: It’s with great sadness we helped Laddie (aka Murdock) over the Rainbow Bridge after he began having serious problems with his hips resulting in difficulty standing and pain. He came to us 3 1/2 years ago as a stray with multiple medical issues. These were resolved with the aid of MWCR and foster mom Mary Kozak. Laddie enriched our lives and the lives of his humans and was the friend to all dogs and cats. He was known as Mr Mellow in the neighborhood. We’ve had six collies (Lady, Chelsea, Maggie, Sam and Sadie), with three from MWCR. Laddie was at the top of the list. We will miss him terribly but will always have his memories to cherish. Thank you MWCR for giving us the opportunity to have Laddie for as long as we did.

Cooper, one of our special needs collies, went over the Rainbow Bridge this weekend. When he originally came to MWCR in 2017 from a shelter in Wisconsin he was only two years old. While there he was diagnosed with dermatomyocitis (DM), an autoimmune disorder of skin and muscle found primarily in collies and shelties. It had been active and untreated for several months but they started him on proper treatment for the DM and for a long time his symptoms were fairly mild, concentrated to his nose and his paws, which had no toenails and were sensitive to touch. His new dad did lots of research on DM before deciding to adopt him and dedicated himself to giving him all the care he needed.

Despite his condition, Cooper was a sweet, loving, happy boy who went everywhere with his dad and won over the hearts of everyone who met him. Earlier this month he was diagnosed with oral cancer. Because of the medications for his auto-immune issue, the cancer’s symptoms were suppressed at first so it progressed quite quickly over the last few weeks. On Sunday the cancer started to interfere with his ability to breath and his dad knew it was time. Our hearts go out to him and we are so appreciative of his willingness to open his heart to this special boy.


May adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator



Congratulations to sweet Brianna (now known as Lady) and her new family!










Prince 2 and puppy Bridget have been adopted this weekend. Prince will be regally residing in Wisconsin and Bridget will be in Minnesota. Prince was surrendered to MWCR after a fire destroyed his owners’ property and they sadly needed to find a new home for him.
Bridget’s new family says: she has a wonderful personality and is fitting into our family so well. We feel blessed to have her!








Handsome 10-year-old sable headed white, Spencer, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Spencer was surrendered because his family did not have the time to give him the attention he deserves. Spencer’s new mom and dad are retired so he’ll get lots of love and he has new senior collie brother to hang with. So happy for this sweet boy!




Handsome 4-month-old Shamrock has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. Always love to see puppies and kids playing.





Beautiful white puppy Brooklyn came to us from a breeder who contacted us when he realized that she was deaf. Being born deaf or blind is usually an all too common side effect when two merles are bred together and that is often done in the hopes of producing more white, merle or unusually colored puppies. We are thrilled that Brooklyn has been adopted into a family that includes another collie who is both deaf and partially blind, so mom and dad are fully prepared to help this little sweetie lead a fun, full life. She’s already learning sign language and her big sister collie is helping her to master the art of stair climbing. We’re so grateful to her new family and excited to see her grow up!


Beautiful Zara (nka Meadowsweet), a 2.5-year-old sable female, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Zara was sadly surrendered by her family with another collie (Prince2) when they needed to rebuild their lives after a devastating fire. Unfortunately, the necessary upheaval of her life was very upsetting to Zara and she has had (and continues to have) some issues to work through. Fortunately, her foster mom has dedicated herself to helping Zara recover and over the last few months, while working to gain her trust, they have formed a loving, lifetime bond that will be the basis of Zara’s ability to blossom like the meadowsweet she’s been renamed for. Her foster mom knows that there’s still lots of work to do and that it would not be in Zara’s best interests to start over with a new family so Meadow has officially found her forever home. Her new mom says she can’t imagine her life without her. Congratulations to both of these lovely ladies!


And last, but not least, ridiculously handsome Teddy, an 8-month-old tri headed white male, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Teddy is a big, sweet, playful boy who was extremely nervous when he first came into foster but quickly relaxed in the company of the resident collies and let his true happy, puppy personality show. Teddy’s new home has a big brother collie to show him the ropes and an extended family of collie-lovers to adore and guide him. Congratulations to this big heart breaker and his new family!




Beautiful Colleen, a five month sable girl, was the last of the four Irish named pups to go to their forever home. Congratulations sweet girl!