April Rainbow Bridge


Parker’s family had to say goodbye today (April 2): I can’t even begin to comprehend life without him. He was always the one who took care of me. When I was feeling down he was there, every morning started with a big collie snuggle and the day ended the same. I’m heart broken but Parker is happy again, running with his MWCR sister Maybellene. Thank you for giving us this gentle, loving soul. He was loved by all who knew him.


Beautiful Annabelle went to the rainbow bridge today. She was 11 years old. She began having seizures last week and did not respond well to her medication. She was an owner surrender that we fostered then adopted about five years ago. She was beautiful and loving. We will miss her.


On April 27 we helped our dear Lassie (“Lassie Lou”) cross the Rainbow Bridge. She was just over 13 years old and had been battling arthritis and cancer. Below we share our story of our life with Lassie, but for those that don’t have the patience to read the entire story, know that Lassie was the most gentle, loving soul you could meet. She chose us to be her forever family, and we are forever grateful for the joy, happiness and love she brought us the last 6 years. Read her full tribute here.

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