October Rainbow Bridge


A sad update as Laddie crosses the Rainbow Bridge. Yesterday morning he began having difficulty walking and his mobility decreased steadily. It is a testament to how loved he was that staff members from his vet clinic came over to help get him to the office and in the afternoon he was transferred to the emergency veterinary services. This morning his mom received the certain diagnosis that Laddie had a fractured vertebra, almost certainly caused by spread of the cancer to his spine. There was no viable treatment option due to his age and the cancer – he was in pain and his mom made the difficult decision to end his suffering. She was able to be with him for his final few hours and when he died. We can’t thank her enough for her dedication to Laddie’s care and the love that she shared with him. Rest well, sweet boy.



It is with great sadness that I tell you our beloved Huygens went to the rainbow bridge last Wednesday.  Huygens came to us at less than a year old through the ARL. Someone moved out of a house and left him. He was such a scared little collie. But he turned into a great cuddler who loved car rides, walks and being vacuumed!!

Huygens was the ninth collie to come into our lives and our 12th collie loss. Huygens is survived by Kessler who is five, another rescue. Kessler is our 13th collie. We are down to one, which hasn’t happened since 1990 when we got our first collie Halley.


Huygens is our second loss this year. Our dear sweet Hadron went to the rainbow bridge in the spring.  She was the ultimate dainty little lady and cuddle bug. She was initially rescued from an anorexic owner, and had tummy trouble her whole life. We miss them both desperately. – Ann Petersen

One thought on “October Rainbow Bridge

  1. These posts always make me so sad … and yet how wonderful it is to know these beautiful dogs were cherished and so well-loved.

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