August Rainbow Bridge


We grieve with Lobo’s adopters and his canine brother for the loss of this handsome boy from a very rapidly debilitating illness. We all know how hard it is to say goodbye to our loving companions but it seems especially difficult when they are so young.

This is from his loving parents: It is with great sadness that we had to help Lobo cross the Rainbow Bridge. He was not getting better. He was able to come home with us for the day from the hospital on Sunday and spent the day on the couch upstairs with us watching tv and being snuggled nonstop. Lobo is in no longer in any pain. It feels so unfair that he was only with us for 2 1/2 years, but he was the best puppy we could have asked for, and tried our hardest to give him the best life possible. Thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts over the last few days. It has been a hard week, but knowing we have so
many caring people in the rescue thinking of Lobo and wishing him well has helped!



Rodgers was my second foster failure, the summer of 2014. About a month after Woodson died, we got four puppies from a farm in northern Minnesota. Named after artists, there was Renoir, DaVinci, Picasso and Monet. Three of them went off to foster homes, while I kept Renoir for fostering and ended up adopting him.

Named after Aaron Rodgers, he was a very sensitive dog, easy to train with just a look. He mostly just wanted to lean in for face rubs.

Last Monday night he was acting strangely, and when I started trimming his nails, I looked at his gums and they were completely white. Took him outside to pee and his front legs were shaking. I got him in the car and headed for the emergency vet where they found him critical, bleeding into his abdomen. At this point he was laying flat out on a gurney. I made the difficult decision to let him go. Because he hadn’t been injured or ingested poison, they said the mostly likely cause was a tumor on his spleen.

It’s been a difficult week, especially, watching Brett look beyond us each time we come into the house, as if he’s looking for Rodgers to come back. Even though Brett has been through this twice before with Thor and Woodson, I don’t remember him acting like this, I wonder if it’s just because he’s older, or if it’s because Rodgers was so submissive to Brett, Brett is a little lost without someone to boss around.

With foster pup Tennyson

Rodgers was so good with all the puppies I fostered in the last couple years. He would let them snuggle up and was so patient. He also went to events, where he would tell me he really didn’t like the noise, but enjoyed the people.

Tuesday, I was thinking, I’m not sure I can do this anymore, mostly because this makes three collies in a row who have died too young. I know we can’t predict how long a dog will live and I will adopt another one. KJ wants to wait, but I need a collie in my life. They are intelligent and sensitive dogs, and completely click with me.

August adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator

Beautiful Lassie, a 2-year-old sable/white female, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Lassie was surrendered when a growing family realized that they didn’t have the time necessary to meet the needs of this young girl. Now she will have lots of the attention she deserves from her new mom and dad who have lots of collie experience and will be able to show her the path to become a perfect companion. Congratulations, sweet girl!