June Rainbow Bridge


On Friday June 1st,  with our vet’s assistance, we helped our sweet, beautiful Miss Ally walk across the Rainbow Bridge, from home in our backyard, by the creek she loved to explore (arthritis, Lyme Disease, and probable cancer had taken it’s toll).  She is now free from all the pain and daily struggling she has been enduring. Our hearts are so very sad, but at 12.5 years old we know she lived a happy, full life, and that her last 8.5 years were with a family that loved her deeply and treated her like a queen.

It was easy to tell that she always felt her job here was to comfort, nurture, and protect our family. She was always so in tune with the emotions in this house and has been by our sides through some very trying times. She did her job to perfection. I often called her “Miss Queen” and she deserved to be treated like one.  I am sure they rolled out the red carpet for her arrival and that she looked stunning as she entered doggie paradise!
Now we will have to give Casey an overabundance of love and attention. Ally was his soul mate and constant companion for over eight years (he was adopted through MWCR two months after Ally), and at the age of 11, I am not sure how long he will hang in there now without his Ally.
Enjoy the freedom from your pain sweet Ally girl. We will never forget. Thank you for blessing us with such a loving fur baby! It is so very hard to lose them! – Dolly Lee

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