Foster update

Sweet and petite senior Jesse is feeling good after her surgery last month to remove mammary tumors. The extent of the surgery required a longer than normal recovery period. She has been a very brave dog the whole time and can now be free of the hated neck cone and kennel confinement. She is running, playing, and bouncing with the other collies at the foster home.
She is wearing a pink ribbon breast cancer awareness bandanna her foster humans gave her so she can remind dog owners of the importance of spaying their dogs. Dogs are three times more likely to get mammary cancer than humans. Spaying a dog early in life can reduce the chance of contracting this disease by 95%. Spaying later in life can still significantly reduce the risk.
Spayed or not, please take time doing those belly rubs your dog likes so much to feel for lumps and look for changes in texture or coloration around the teats. Be sure to check in the crotch areas too. Early detection is key to having the best prognosis.
A huge ‘thank you!’ to fosterers Tim and Renee for their loving care of Jesse!

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