Minnesota collie frolic and May events

Minnesota Collie Frolic is on Sunday, June 24

Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 24, when the Minnesota Collie Frolic will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Stone Mountain Pet Lodge located at 10073 Baltimore Street NE in Blaine, Minn.  Ilga Cimbulis will be our animal communicator this year and Alan Michael will provide energy healing/reiki for pets and people if requested.  Kitty Hilk’s Gray Gables Farm dog treats, jams, and bath products will be available, and Yogi and Joan Tadisch will have their Spirit Graphics MWCR merchandise for sale.  New this year is Arnie Hilk’s custom-made wood collie Welcome signs, including mantle style, mountable style, and garden stakes.  Each is unique and beautifully made to last a lifetime.  Please let us know if you’re coming by registering at www.mwcr.org or emailing me at tlibro@hotmail.com or calling 952-432-0200 so that we can plan for the lunch.  The event is open to the public, so invite your friends and family as well.

May Events

  • MWCR participated in three fun events in May.  The first event was Paws on Parade in Hutchinson, Minn.  Robin Kashuba with Harley and Mackie, Brenda Pulkrabek with Eddie, and Kitty and Arnie Hilk with Sammi and Jackson staffed the event.  As always, our dogs charmed the attendees.  Brenda, who also serves on MWCR’s Events/Fundraising Committee, was honored at the event for raising the most money, $843, for the Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter.  Congratulations, Brenda, and thank you everyone for sharing your gorgeous dogs with the public.
  • On May 20, MWCR participated in two events, one in Minneapolis and one in Milwaukee.  The Collie Flower party was held at Catholic Eldercare in Minneapolis where MWCR collies as well as shelties from the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue visited with the residents of the nursing home and their families.  Thank you to MWCR member Judy Roggow and Kathy Bulicz from Catholic Eldercare for once again organizing this very heartwarming event.  As the pictures which Judy already shared on Facebook show, the residents and the dogs had a fabulous time.
  • In Milwaukee, the annual Milwaukee Collie Frolic was organized by Sarah Rebernick and her team.  Collies and their families from the greater Milwaukee area and Madison gathered for an afternoon of collie play and socializing.  Many collies slept well that evening.  The organizers provided a yummy lunch, some of which was even enjoyed by the collies who snuck a sandwich or two.  Pictures can be found on the Facebook page or in the May photo wall in this blog.  Thank you to Sarah and her team and to everyone who attended.

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