May photos

Sherman was one of nine therapy dogs who volunteered at Grainger Hall on the UW-Madison campus May 7, to support students who are taking finals and finishing up their work for the semester. Sherman’s dear dog friend Roxy is right behind him in this photo.


MWCR alum Luigi passed his pet therapy evaluation and can start visits. What a good boy!


Pupdate on handsome Eros (now Mickey) who was adopted in March:
Mickey is growing a lot. His last vet visit a couple of weeks ago, he weighed 30 lbs. His favorite activities lately are chasing birds/squirrels in the yard, and unrolling paper towels and toilet paper from the rolls.


Parker and Maybel helping with yard clean-up.


Update on handsome Laddie, who is doing well: One of my daughters was visiting this week. She loves Laddie! We agreed that although we’ve liked all our family dogs, we think Laddie is the friendliest. He and my daughter bonded right away. Attached is a photo of him in a blissful mood while lying next to my daughter.


The Milwaukee Collie Frolic

May 20 in Wauwatosa, Wis.

Collie Flower Days

May 20, Catholic Elder Care, Minneapolis


Paws on Parade

Hutchinson, Minn.

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