President’s Corner

By Terry Libro, MWCR President

MWCR’s May Online Auction Was a Success

Thank you to everyone who donated items for MWCR’s second online auction and to everyone who bid and won items.  We haven’t received the official spreadsheets yet, but it appears we made about $1,400 to help our foster collies, which is awesome.

Linda Riegger, who organized the auction, deserves much of the credit for its success.  Dave Gibson, with Barb Gibson’s assistance, photographed most of the items and MyLinda Anderson assisted with the communications and MWCR’s Fundraising page.  The volunteers at Helping Paws, Inc. ran the auction Facebook page and managed the behind-the-scenes logistics.  We greatly appreciate all the work that went into making this online auction a success.

Jim Benda Photography

I spoke with Jim Benda, a professional pet photographer located in Burnsville, Minn.,  a few weeks ago.  Jim has donated portrait sittings to our silent auction in the past and has photographed the pets of several MWCR members including mine.  Jim has openings this summer for photography sessions.  So, if you’d like photographs that you’ll treasure for years, contact Jim at 952-435-6188 or at

Minnesota collie frolic and May events

Minnesota Collie Frolic is on Sunday, June 24

Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 24, when the Minnesota Collie Frolic will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Stone Mountain Pet Lodge located at 10073 Baltimore Street NE in Blaine, Minn.  Ilga Cimbulis will be our animal communicator this year and Alan Michael will provide energy healing/reiki for pets and people if requested.  Kitty Hilk’s Gray Gables Farm dog treats, jams, and bath products will be available, and Yogi and Joan Tadisch will have their Spirit Graphics MWCR merchandise for sale.  New this year is Arnie Hilk’s custom-made wood collie Welcome signs, including mantle style, mountable style, and garden stakes.  Each is unique and beautifully made to last a lifetime.  Please let us know if you’re coming by registering at or emailing me at or calling 952-432-0200 so that we can plan for the lunch.  The event is open to the public, so invite your friends and family as well.

May Events

  • MWCR participated in three fun events in May.  The first event was Paws on Parade in Hutchinson, Minn.  Robin Kashuba with Harley and Mackie, Brenda Pulkrabek with Eddie, and Kitty and Arnie Hilk with Sammi and Jackson staffed the event.  As always, our dogs charmed the attendees.  Brenda, who also serves on MWCR’s Events/Fundraising Committee, was honored at the event for raising the most money, $843, for the Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter.  Congratulations, Brenda, and thank you everyone for sharing your gorgeous dogs with the public.
  • On May 20, MWCR participated in two events, one in Minneapolis and one in Milwaukee.  The Collie Flower party was held at Catholic Eldercare in Minneapolis where MWCR collies as well as shelties from the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue visited with the residents of the nursing home and their families.  Thank you to MWCR member Judy Roggow and Kathy Bulicz from Catholic Eldercare for once again organizing this very heartwarming event.  As the pictures which Judy already shared on Facebook show, the residents and the dogs had a fabulous time.
  • In Milwaukee, the annual Milwaukee Collie Frolic was organized by Sarah Rebernick and her team.  Collies and their families from the greater Milwaukee area and Madison gathered for an afternoon of collie play and socializing.  Many collies slept well that evening.  The organizers provided a yummy lunch, some of which was even enjoyed by the collies who snuck a sandwich or two.  Pictures can be found on the Facebook page or in the May photo wall in this blog.  Thank you to Sarah and her team and to everyone who attended.

May photos

Sherman was one of nine therapy dogs who volunteered at Grainger Hall on the UW-Madison campus May 7, to support students who are taking finals and finishing up their work for the semester. Sherman’s dear dog friend Roxy is right behind him in this photo.


MWCR alum Luigi passed his pet therapy evaluation and can start visits. What a good boy!


Pupdate on handsome Eros (now Mickey) who was adopted in March:
Mickey is growing a lot. His last vet visit a couple of weeks ago, he weighed 30 lbs. His favorite activities lately are chasing birds/squirrels in the yard, and unrolling paper towels and toilet paper from the rolls.


Parker and Maybel helping with yard clean-up.


Update on handsome Laddie, who is doing well: One of my daughters was visiting this week. She loves Laddie! We agreed that although we’ve liked all our family dogs, we think Laddie is the friendliest. He and my daughter bonded right away. Attached is a photo of him in a blissful mood while lying next to my daughter.


The Milwaukee Collie Frolic

May 20 in Wauwatosa, Wis.

Collie Flower Days

May 20, Catholic Elder Care, Minneapolis


Paws on Parade

Hutchinson, Minn.

May Rainbow Bridge

I said goodbye to one of the best dogs ever. He would never run and find help if Timmy fell in a well, but would stay with him and keep him company. He was the most empathetic dog I have ever met. He would come and get me before his collie brother would have a seizure, he would stick his big collie nose in my face when I was sad . . . LOVED his kitties, and children. He was a great ambassador for MWCR and loved it when people petted and hugged him . . . Dyson, I knew you were in pain, but it did not make the decision easy. Run pain free and find Dakota and I will see you some day at The Rainbow Bridge – Lori Kuha

May adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator


Petite Gemma, a 1-year-old sable collie/aussie mix, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota.  Her tall collie dad’s genes were dominant, but her more petite frame and slight merling comes from her blue merle aussie mom. Gemma is a lovely active young girl, still in the puppy stage of her life. Unfortunately for her, changing work schedules and the demands of a very young family meant that she was not getting the people time she needed and her family decided to surrender her to MWCR so she could find a home that fit her needs. This gem just needs some of her rough edges smoothed out and her new mom and dad are excited to help her reach her full potential.



Bodacious Bruno, a 4-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Bruno was re-homed due to some difficulties within the family but his journey to a new home wasn’t a long one. His foster mom and collie brother knew pretty quickly that Bruno was meant to be a permanent part of their lives and have now made him an official member of the family. Nice work, Bruno!



Twister, a 5.5-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Since he was a few weeks old this sweet boy has lived in one loving home, with several other collies including his sister, Arrow. Unfortunately the hardest of life’s knocks have torn their home apart and his loving Mom asked MWCR to re-home them. Twister is a clever, sweet-natured and mellow boy who will make a wonderful addition to his new home. I’m sure this big boy will twist them around his little white paw in no time.



Handsome Stormy, a 1.5-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Stormy is a very sweet, gentle boy who is a bit uncertain of new things at first but quickly warms up and takes them in stride once he realizes there’s nothing to be afraid of. His new mom and dad are happy to help him with that and his new collie brother is already making him feel comfortable – the cat is reserving judgement.



Big boy Badger, a 1-year-old blue merle, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. This sweet boy is smart and loving, so he is quickly picking up on how to behave like the good boy we know he is, although he remains convinced that he is a lapdog . He is sure to get lots of love, attention and snuggles in his new home and he was appropriately respectful of his new kitty sibling.