A tribute to Mackie

A beautiful tribute from the family of a senior adopter: Shirley Cloninger recently passed, she was the proud recipient of a Minnesota Wisconsin Collie from your rescue program named Mackie. At a time in her life when our father had died, Shirley really needed support and turned to you in hopes of bringing a rough collie into her life. Since she was in her eighties her daughter Sandra and Shirley co-adopted him. You could say it was a match made in Heaven. In no time at all Shirley and Mackie became soul mates and best of friends. They did everything together. Shirley took excellent care of him with the support of her two daughters. She had reclaimed purpose for her life and that was Mackie. Our family has always been so grateful for allowing this senior dog to be such an important part of all of our lives. Shirley lived to be ninety-three all because she had found new love and joy with Mackie. Your program is really important for collies and the many people who adopt and take care of them. Thank you all for trusting in our family and we hope that more seniors can find the incredible bond that she had developed with Mackie. Mackie crossed the Rainbow Bridge first and as a family we are very sure that our mother is now with him in Heaven. Thank you for all the great things you do.

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