President’s corner

From Terry Libro, MWCR President Event Coordinator

2018 MWCR election

Thank you for voting in the 2018 MWCR election and giving MyLinda Anderson and myself the opportunity to continue for another two years in our roles as Secretary and President.  It is an honor for both of us to work on behalf of the organization and our collies to make a difference in the lives of the sweet dogs and their adopters.  We look forward to working with all of you to make MWCR an even greater organization.

New services for MWCR

The Board is continuing to review all of the thoughtful suggestions for new services that members made.  We’re in the process of selecting the first services and determining the best approaches for implementation.  Providing dog food to all foster homes, either through the donated food program or through products ordered by MWCR, will be our first new service.  As we roll out new services, we’ll need additional volunteers to help with the processes, so watch for volunteer opportunities.

Auctions, auctions, and more auctions

MWCR recently learned that we’ve been selected by AUCTIONS TO HELP COLLIES! Facebook group to be the next recipient of funds from their online auction.  AUCTIONS TO HELP COLLIES! donated $500 to MWCR in 2016 and plans to raise $1000 for us in 2018.  Please visit their Facebook page at  In order to participate in the auction, you must register to join the group.  After being approved, select Discussion to learn more about the items and the bidding process.  Cathy Pupo, who runs the auctions, adds new items daily so check back often and bid generously.  AUCTIONS TO HELP COLLIES! has a reputation for providing quality items and has been very successful in raising funds for collie rescues.

Thank you, Cathy, for your generosity and dedication to collies and collie rescue groups.  Collie rescues across the country have benefited from Cathy’s knowledge, expertise, and generosity.

In addition, MWCR member Linda Riegger and her team are organizing the second MWCR Online Auction which will run from May 23 – 27.  More details will be shared next month.


March Photo Wall

Nick and Blaze know how to take advantage of their coats.


Pupdate on Eros: Eros has been great this week. He is a big eater, likes his sleep, and is full of energy which we love. We have decided to name him “Mickey” after Mickey Mouse. Thank you for everything. We are very lucky to have Mickey join our family. – Brian and Mickey (Eros).


The Ridge siblings are all tucked in for the night dreaming of Spring.

Upcoming events

MWCR will be participating in the Dog Olympics on Sunday, April 15, at the AgStar Arena on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The Dog Olympics is a fun event organized by the veterinary students at the University of Minnesota.  Come with or without you dog for a day of competitions.

MWCR will have a booth at the Pause 4 Paws Annual Adoption Event on Saturday, April 21, from noon to 3 p.m. at the Brooklyn Park location of Stone Mountain Pet Lodge.  The organizers are planning a variety of activities, including a bake sale and raffle.

Spring flowers for Twin Cities area residents

Animal Folks Minnesota is holding a spring plant sale fundraiser. Ann Olson, the executive director of Animal Folks Minnesota, a nonprofit that works on puppy mill issues, was the guest speaker at MWCR’s Annual Dinner in 2015.   A variety of hanging baskets and patio pots are available.  Orders must be placed by April 10 and will be available for pick up on May 18 in Savage or May 19 in St. Paul.  This is a great opportunity to get beautiful flowers and support a reputable animal organization.

March adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, Adoption Coordinator


Handsome Laddie, an 11-year-old sable male has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. His owner passed away recently and although Laddie lived peacefully with lovely Molly and a cat for several years, now that he’s had some time as an ‘only’ dog, he’s decided that is the way he’d like to keep things. Laddie is an absolute sweetheart with people, freely giving kisses and love, and has been a wonderful house guest in his foster home. Laddie loves the snow but his favorite thing in the world is napping. We are so happy that he’s found his very own nice quiet retirement home.




All six of our sweet pups have now found their way to their forever homes. Venus (now Hazel), Apollo (now Teddy), Athena (now Seraphina), Zeus (now Theodore), Nike and Eros are all busy frolicking with resident dogs and keeping their new parents up at night. A wonderful bonus is that all of them are in homes with lots of previous collie experience so our only concern is everyone suffering from a serious case of cuteness overload.


Lucky Laddie

Recently adopted Laddie, an 11-year-old senior whose owner had passed away found his new home to be one that would save his life. While in foster care Laddie sometimes favored his right front leg, but the vet felt it was just due to arthritis. Shortly after being adopted, the limp got much worse. X-rays and testing indicated cancer and it was decided amputation was necessary.

Laddie came through surgery like a champ and is adjusting to his new normal. There are several updates on our Facebook page.

We at MWCR are very grateful that, even so soon after adopting him, his new mom is so dedicated to his care – we all know it doesn’t take long to fall in love! We are also thankful to have such a wonderful group of supporters and collie lovers that allow us to help with his care.

2018 election results

Congratulations to Terry Libro on her re-election as MWCR’s President and to MyLinda Anderson on her re-election as MWCR’s Secretary.

Over 70 ballots were mailed in and counted.  Thank you to all of the members who voted in this year’s election and thank you to Nominating Committee members Linda Riegger, Judy Roggow, Russell Sager, and Matt Beckwith for their work on this year’s election.