February adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP and Adoption Coordinator


Beautiful Molly, a 7-year-old Great Pyrenees/Collie mix merle who came into rescue when her owner passed away, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Her new mom lost her senior collie a few months ago and is excited to have a furry friend again. She also has experience with both collies and larger breeds and is looking forward to long walks and cozy snuggle time in the sofa. Sounds like a great fit for both lovely ladies!


Beautiful 12 week old merle girl, Izzie (fka Charlee), has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This sweet girl was originally given up because she was sick and it turned out she had parvovirus. As her transporter said, at 7 weeks old she defeated it and that does indeed make her a dragon-slayer! Now she’s looking forward to a long, healthy life with her new family, who also agree that she’s pretty special.



Three of our sweet pups found their way to their forever homes this weekend. Venus (now Hazel),


Apollo (now Teddy) and Athena (now Seraphina) are all busy frolicking with resident dogs and keeping their new parents up at night.


A wonderful bonus is that all of them are in homes with lots of previous collie experience so our only concern is everyone suffering from a serious case of cuteness overload.


Rylie (nka Kylee), an 8-month-old sable smooth coat girl, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. She was originally surrendered to a local shelter but was transferred to MWCR because she wasn’t doing well in the shelter environment. This shy girl has transitioned well from her previous life living outside and her new mom is happy to help her relax and build her confidence so that she can blossom into the happy, mischievous smoothie she is meant to be.


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