Amazing Sarah R.

Sarah with an MWCR alumnus (not one of the puppies mentioned here).

In January, Sarah Rebernick and her husband, Randy, took in a mother collie and her litter of six unexpected puppies. Sarah and Randy, along with their collies Rivers and Creena, made the new arrivals welcome in their home and began the journey of fostering and raising the puppies. During this time, Sarah did many daily loads of puppy laundry, made puppy gruel, took the puppies to the vet for physicals and their puppy shots, worked full-time, took care of her daughter who had emergency surgery after a fall on the ice, ran her household, distributed donated dog food to MWCR members in the Milwaukee area, staffed MWCR’s booth at the Great Lakes Pet Expo, and fulfilled all of her responsibilities as MWCR’s Vice President and as MWCR’s Adoption Coordinator. Makes me exhausted to think of the amount of work Sarah did!  The puppies are healthy, happy, very well socialized, and are transitioning to their adoptive families.  Thank you, Sarah, for doing amazing work for MWCR, for your dedication, and for bringing happiness to the new puppy parents. – Terry Libro, MWCR President

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