Notes from our President

By Terry Libro

Thank you for voting

Thank you to everyone who voted in the 2018 MWCR election for President and Secretary. If you haven’t mailed your ballot, there still is time to do so.

The Nominating Committee, consisting of  Linda Riegger, Judith Roggow, Russell Sager, and Matt Beckwith with the assistance of Chris Norman, will be meeting in mid-March to count the ballots and officially announce the results.

Online auction

Mark your calendars for May 23 to May 27, the dates of this year’s MWCR Online Auction.  Linda Riegger, along with Barb and Dave Gibson, are getting ready for the second MWCR Online Auction to benefit MWCR’s collies.  Last year’s auction was very successful with bidders from across the country.  Watch for more details closer to the date.

Event season has started

MWCR’s community event season started with this year’s Great Lakes Pet Expo and will continue with numerous events through the spring, summer, and fall.   If you have a few hours to spare, we’d love for you and your collie to staff our booth at various events.  We’ll be listing our upcoming events so if something catches your eye, come and join us.

February adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP and Adoption Coordinator


Beautiful Molly, a 7-year-old Great Pyrenees/Collie mix merle who came into rescue when her owner passed away, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Her new mom lost her senior collie a few months ago and is excited to have a furry friend again. She also has experience with both collies and larger breeds and is looking forward to long walks and cozy snuggle time in the sofa. Sounds like a great fit for both lovely ladies!


Beautiful 12 week old merle girl, Izzie (fka Charlee), has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This sweet girl was originally given up because she was sick and it turned out she had parvovirus. As her transporter said, at 7 weeks old she defeated it and that does indeed make her a dragon-slayer! Now she’s looking forward to a long, healthy life with her new family, who also agree that she’s pretty special.



Three of our sweet pups found their way to their forever homes this weekend. Venus (now Hazel),


Apollo (now Teddy) and Athena (now Seraphina) are all busy frolicking with resident dogs and keeping their new parents up at night.


A wonderful bonus is that all of them are in homes with lots of previous collie experience so our only concern is everyone suffering from a serious case of cuteness overload.


Rylie (nka Kylee), an 8-month-old sable smooth coat girl, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. She was originally surrendered to a local shelter but was transferred to MWCR because she wasn’t doing well in the shelter environment. This shy girl has transitioned well from her previous life living outside and her new mom is happy to help her relax and build her confidence so that she can blossom into the happy, mischievous smoothie she is meant to be.


February Rainbow Bridge


We had to put Snuff down February 5.  He was 11 and suffering the effects of arthritis in his spine and hips.  We adopted him in 2015 and were so fortunate to be able to share his life for two and a half years.  He was the epitome of the collie, so kind, caring and loyal.  And he was an instigator of trouble and always made us laugh.  We miss him so much and will always hold him in our hearts.  Thanks so much for letting us share some time with him. Sincerely, Sandy and Larry De Master


Madison  12/23/03  –  02/10/18: It was a mere 12 years ago that two “wild Indians” (as described by one of the volunteers that relayed these two to their foster home in St. Cloud), named Holly and Madison came to fill an empty void in our lives. MWCR would not separate them (at the request of the prior owner), because they were litter mates and had spent their lives to that point together. I really hadn’t thought about adopting TWO dogs before finding them, but I was won over by their exotic looks and effervescent nature. Our home became a house of “mohair”,  and we burned our way through many vacuums and  steam carpet cleaners. But the house was full of love and sounds and collie “kisses”.  When Holly developed a spinal cord hemangioma at age 12, we took her to the Minnesota Vet School for treatment, where she was operated on by a human (non-veterinary), neurosurgeon from Mayo in the Brain Tumor Program. Unfortunately, though the procedure was successful, she died a few days later from an unexpected complication, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

Her sister Madison survived her, and stayed with us for two more years. She had always been the playful athlete of the two, and, when she was young, she loved catching snowflakes and sprinkler water in her mouth as she leapt around the yard. Indoors, she also loved playing fetch with their many squeaky toys, so much so that she often had to be persuaded to stop. Madison’s brave struggle ended quietly at home on Saturday, February 10, 2018,  at 14+ years old.  She had suffered from Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), and spindle cell cancer.

I would like to thank everyone at MWCR who answered my numerous health questions about all the health issues (large and small) that we encountered throughout their lives, and give a special THANK YOU to Laure Victor and husband Jeff, who were their original foster family, and who stayed in contact over all these years, providing advice, emotional support through the hard times, and even sometimes boarded Holly and Madison in their home while I took vacations.

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Thank you!

Chris Norman, Blog/newsletter editor

Amazing Sarah R.

Sarah with an MWCR alumnus (not one of the puppies mentioned here).

In January, Sarah Rebernick and her husband, Randy, took in a mother collie and her litter of six unexpected puppies. Sarah and Randy, along with their collies Rivers and Creena, made the new arrivals welcome in their home and began the journey of fostering and raising the puppies. During this time, Sarah did many daily loads of puppy laundry, made puppy gruel, took the puppies to the vet for physicals and their puppy shots, worked full-time, took care of her daughter who had emergency surgery after a fall on the ice, ran her household, distributed donated dog food to MWCR members in the Milwaukee area, staffed MWCR’s booth at the Great Lakes Pet Expo, and fulfilled all of her responsibilities as MWCR’s Vice President and as MWCR’s Adoption Coordinator. Makes me exhausted to think of the amount of work Sarah did!  The puppies are healthy, happy, very well socialized, and are transitioning to their adoptive families.  Thank you, Sarah, for doing amazing work for MWCR, for your dedication, and for bringing happiness to the new puppy parents. – Terry Libro, MWCR President

How to Protect Your Pet from Coyotes

While most collies aren’t in danger of being prey, this article points out how some dogs and coyotes are attracted to each other and how to lessen those chances.


By Nicole Pajer


In recent years, we have been hearing more and more about wildlife posing a threat to dogs and cats. News headlines have highlighted the tragedy that can unfold if a hungry coyote crosses paths with a small, unattended pet. People have reported coyotes snatching their pups from their backyards, causing mass hysteria. But how common are coyote attacks in urban and suburban areas? Is this really something to lose sleep over? We asked the experts to answer burning questions about coyotes, and offer advice on how to keep your pets safe.

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