Nick of Time Grants

Annually, MWCR sets aside 15-20% of our end-of-year checking account balance for the Nick of Time grant fund to assist adopted MWCR collies who have extensive veterinary bills. Grants are generally awarded quarterly with one recipient eligible to receive a maximum of 30% of the fund amount per year. The grants are awarded confidentially and payments are made directly to the adopter’s veterinary clinic. If your adopted MWCR collie has unusual veterinary bills during 2018, please consider applying and perhaps we can help with some of those bills. Send an email to and we will get an application form to you.

The American Working Collie Association (AWCA) also provides assistance to collie owners with unusual or unexpected veterinary bills. Their Compassionate Care Fund is available to collie owners facing serious medical emergency veterinary bills (tests, surgeries, medications, etc.), beyond the ability of the owner to pay. Collie owners facing the serious illness of their collies and inability to pay emergency veterinary bills may apply regardless of whether they are members of AWCA. Contact Theresa Pottratz at for more information.

So, if you or someone you know has a collie with extensive veterinary bills who wasn’t adopted from MWCR, this might be another option.

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