Notes from our president

2018 Membership Renewals

Thank you to everyone who renewed their MWCR memberships and to the new people who joined. If you’re still interested in being an MWCR member, simply return your paper renewal form to the address on the form, renew online at, or in you’re interested in joining, complete a membership form on our website. And, thank you to all who included a donation with your renewal.  Greatly appreciated by all of the collies we’ve taken in from the cold this winter.

Suggestions for New Services

Thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions for additional services that MWCR could provide. Your thoughtful suggestions covered many areas, including food allowances for foster homes, additional support for chronic conditions, temporary fostering of collies to prevent the need for surrender, and others. The Board has started the process of reviewing and prioritizing the suggestions to determine which we could feasibly implement in the short term and which may need much more planning and review. If you have additional suggestions, please send them to

Online Silent Auction

MWCR is planning another online silent auction this spring. Linda Riegger has volunteered to head up this popular fundraiser again this year. Watch for more details in the coming months.

Community Event Season has Started

MWCR’s participation in community events is starting with the Great Lakes Pet Expo in Milwaukee at the State Fair Park on Saturday, February 3. So, stop by our booth and visit with MWCR volunteers and their collies.

We participate in community events to increase the awareness of MWCR, to showcase our wonderful adopted collies, and to support the organizers of these community events, many of whom are volunteers themselves who organize events to promote animals and their adoption. We’re always looking for more volunteers to spend a few hours at our booth interacting with the public. Watch for a list of upcoming events and their location and let Cat (, know if you’d like to volunteer.  There is an underscore _ between cat and chisago.  Thanks so much!

Terry Libro, MWCR President

Gray Gables Dog Treats and Bath Products

Kitty Hilk at the Collie Frolic in Blaine

The middle of the winter is the perfect time to pamper yourself and your dogs with goodies from Kitty Hilk’s Gray Gables line.  Kitty will custom-make fresh, preservative-free dog biscuits and dog turkey jerky for your pooch.  Turkey jerky is $7.00 for an approximately one- quart jar or $15 for a one-gallon plastic bag.  Dog biscuits, made of meat and cheddar cheese, are $7.00 per quart jar. Kitty’s extra-rich hand cream is $7.00 jar.

The prices do not include shipping, but Terry Libro will be making dog food runs to Madison and Milwaukee and possibly other areas in the next few weeks and would be glad to deliver any orders.  Please call Kitty at 952-472-6897 to place your order, then contact Terry (, if you’d like delivery through her.

January adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, VP & Adoption Coordinator


Adorable Ace, a 3.5 year old tri-headed white has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Ace was surrendered when his human mom passed away from cancer and Dad just doesn’t have the time or capacity to keep him.  For an “outside dog” who had never worn a collar or a leash, he took to the life of an inside pampered pet pretty quickly. Ace is officially our first foster flunkie of the year and we couldn’t be happier that he found his loving forever home!


Big handsome AJ has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Sometimes life doesn’t go just as we planned it, and a gorgeous collie like AJ has to be reluctantly surrendered by his loving family.  AJ was adopted from MWCR in 2014 as a 2-year-old and is coming back to us for re-homing, due to a divorce. His new mom and dad are retired and have lots of collie experience. They already let us know that everything is going really well and that they love him. Mom is even planning to do some more training so he can get his CGC and go to the local retirement home. I know this sweet, gentle boy will love all the pets and attention!


Lovable Lance, a 4-year-old sable merle, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Lance was sadly surrendered when his owner realized that they didn’t have the skills to deal with his reactive behavior. This sweet boy has been working hard to learn how to get along with other dogs, but he didn’t need any help to know how to snuggle up his human. In fact, he’s done such a good job at being lovable that his foster home has turned into his forever home. Congratulations sweet boy!


January photo wall – brrrrrrrrr!

Already shoveled the back once so the royalty has a place to play and potty.


Collie boys Danny and Sherman relaxing in the snow in their back yard. I love how they embrace winter!


Smoothies Ruby & Mikey help with barn chores in -12 outside temps.


Foster Molly is a Great Pyrenees/Collie mix merle.


Recently adopted Dickens


Thank you so much for Brodie! Today marks 6 months that we have had him in our home. He’s the best friend we could have ever asked for.


Today we celebrate Maxwell’s third year with us! Thank you Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue for bring us together, who rescued who? 💖


Happy New Year from Bonnie!


Quinn and all of the other MWCR Collies celebrating their first New Year’s in their forever homes wish you a safe and happy Holiday. Thank you for your support!


MWCR alum Lyle enjoying the below zero temps at his cabin up north


Patches is all groomed and ready for the New Year! THANK YOU for bringing us together with this beautiful boy! We are FUR-EVER grateful!!! ❤


Baron (MWCR alum), and his new little brother Henry


Fantastic Finn (formerly Chance) 1+ years after surgery to fix a hole in his tiny puppy heart ❤️




Checking out the snow from the inside



January Rainbow Bridge

Princess went to the Rainbow Bridge today. This sweet senior came to us last year at 11 and became a permanent foster. She was very loved by her foster mom and dad. – The Witts

 Here’s picture video of Princess:

Beautiful Princess


January 24, 2018 MacDuff met with Laddie at the Rainbow bridge. Mac had a brain tumor located at the base of his brain stem. The doctors told us in September MacDuff would be leaving us within a very short time. I am glad MacDuff didn’t know he was supposed to leave sooner. MacDuff was adopted in December 2008 as a one year old. He was 10 years, 1 month when he was greeted by his best friend Laddie who preceded him to the rainbow bridge. We already miss Mac who was a prankster, lover, protector and all around great companion. We want to thank MWCR for giving us the opportunity to adopt MacDuff and to cherish the time we had with him.

2018 Elections

Watch for emails from the MWCR Nominating Committee in the next few weeks regarding the 2018 MWCR elections for President and Secretary, positions currently held by Terry Libro and MyLinda Anderson.  The Committee will request nominations for those offices and will mail ballots at the end of February to members who renewed on or before December 31, 2017.

Thank you for participating in the election.

Nick of Time Grants

Annually, MWCR sets aside 15-20% of our end-of-year checking account balance for the Nick of Time grant fund to assist adopted MWCR collies who have extensive veterinary bills. Grants are generally awarded quarterly with one recipient eligible to receive a maximum of 30% of the fund amount per year. The grants are awarded confidentially and payments are made directly to the adopter’s veterinary clinic. If your adopted MWCR collie has unusual veterinary bills during 2018, please consider applying and perhaps we can help with some of those bills. Send an email to and we will get an application form to you.

The American Working Collie Association (AWCA) also provides assistance to collie owners with unusual or unexpected veterinary bills. Their Compassionate Care Fund is available to collie owners facing serious medical emergency veterinary bills (tests, surgeries, medications, etc.), beyond the ability of the owner to pay. Collie owners facing the serious illness of their collies and inability to pay emergency veterinary bills may apply regardless of whether they are members of AWCA. Contact Theresa Pottratz at for more information.

So, if you or someone you know has a collie with extensive veterinary bills who wasn’t adopted from MWCR, this might be another option.

Thank you MWCR

A year ago today we had to put down our beautiful sable girl, Callie. She was a MWCR rescue that was with us for 11 of her 12 years. We missed her so much!

Many people asked if/when we would get another dog. At the time, we couldn’t fully answer because we hadn’t told most of our friends that my husband, Jim, needed a liver transplant. End-stage liver disease has many symptoms, three of which are muscle-wasting, exhaustion and brittle bones. Those three things, among others, made it difficult to care for Callie in the end when she was up every night vomiting or needed to go out extra times during the day on slippery, icy, snowy sidewalks.

So, getting a puppy was probably not an option. Then, we decided to try adopting an older dog and in came tricolor Memphis. Memphis has been a Godsend. He is so loving, well-trained, easy to care for, fit right into our routine, and he needs us as much as we need him. His loving , snuggly, warm personality is all his own. He makes us laugh and cuddle and have something else to talk about besides liver disease. We are so grateful for him and the work that MWCR has done. And shout out to Memphis’ foster mom, Lori Goodsell, who was so good with him. Thank you Memphis for coming in to our lives! – Linda McDonald



Food recall

Just Food For Dogs of Los Alamitos, California, is voluntarily recalling specific lots of its cooked frozen dog food due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.

To learn which products are affected, please visit the following link:

Just Food For Dogs Dog Food Recall of January 2018

Please share the news of this alert with other pet owners.

Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor