Member news

MWCR Member Robin Kashuba is an Author

Robin Kashuba, MWCR volunteer, adopter, and foster mom, is now an author.  Robin’s book, Redemption Has 4 Paws, was recently published and is available for purchase online from Amazon and from Barnes and Noble.  The book chronicles the impact that Robin’s dogs have had on her life, the love that rescue dogs give to others, and the many rewards of therapy visits.  Robin has generously offered to donate the proceeds from the book sales to three rescues, including the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue.  This winter is the perfect time to curl up with a good book.  Congratulations, Robin, and thank you for giving a wonderful home to so many rescue dogs.

MWCR Member Brenda Pulkrabek Honored

The Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter in Hutchinson, Minn., honored MWCR member Brenda Pulkrabek in its latest newsletter, The Pawgress Report, for being the second highest fundraiser for the animal shelter.  Brenda, who has adopted from MWCR and is a frequent attendee with her collies at MWCR events, is the newest member of MWCR’s Events/Fundraising Committee.  Congratulations, Brenda, and thank you to you and all of our other members and supporters who volunteer with their local shelters and humane societies.  We are thrilled to have very generous and compassionate members who share their love of animals with local animals in need as well as with MWCR collies.

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