October Rainbow Bridge


Sadly, Simon (fka Rocky), developed seizures in late March and had a couple long ones the morning of April 29, and passed that afternoon after another one.  Our vet believed he was much older than we thought as he slowed much during the winter. – John Tremble



Sharing our sad news that Sadie went to the rainbow bridge last week. We loved our pretty, silly, sweet girl.  It was a joy having her in our lives.  She took a little piece of our hearts with her.   – Cecille Zastrow




Sometimes in life you are truly blessed to share your life with an exceptional furry best friend who touches your heart- just a little more, wags his tail when he greets you- just a little more, looks deeply into your eyes with love- just a little more. That was my sweet braveheart Mackenzie. After meeting him at his foster mom’s (thank you Laure), I decided this gentle big boy (all huggable 80 pounds) was mine. He quickly made himself at home, situating himself on the living room sofa with his head on the armrest to insure a better view of his arch nemesis, the squirrel, daring to come into his backyard. When Madeline joined our family, he put up with all of her rambunctious collie behavior- even her attempts at herding. But ever the patient fellow, when getting their chewy treats, Mackenzie would wait for a moment of Madeline’s inattentiveness and slowly sneak over and snatch her treat to enjoy. Last Monday, a beautiful fall day, Mackenzie and I were standing on the patio glorying in the blue sky and dazzling colors of the leaves swirling round when he slowly walked over to the side of the garden. He stood there, nose twitching, taking in all those curious smells, the wind wafting through his magnificent brown and white ruff, and I thought, I will keep that image of him in my heart forever. We said goodbye yesterday as he lay on his bed by the fireplace, remembering his 14 years of love and devotion.


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