Laddie Gibson is MWCR’s newest therapy dog

Congratulations to Barb Gibson and Laddie for passing the TDI test on Saturday at the Responsible Dog Ownership Day event in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.  Not only did Laddie pass, but the evaluator told Barb that he did the best of the dogs in the group.  Laddie spent the first years of his life outdoors on a farm before coming to MWCR.  He now enjoys the benefits of city life, a loving home, healthy food, and dog parks nearby.  The attached picture shows Laddie (in front) with his sister Emily shortly after passing his therapy dog test.  As you can see from his smile, Laddie is quite proud of his accomplishment.

Barb works at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Minneapolis.  Barb plans to take Laddie, who loves people, to visit the veterans and brighten their days.  Congratulations to Barb and Laddie!

Collie Strong fundraiser

From Houston Collie Rescue: 

Though our rescue groups have reported we do not not personally need assistance we have five foster homes/adopters that have been completely flooded. Some of those have their dogs at Camp Collie until they can be allowed back into their homes due to mandatory evacuations. Two have been told it could be up to 10 days longer due to the reservoir releasing water. We have learned some do not have flood insurance as it is not required in some areas.
So please see the link below if you’d like to help by purchasing Chuck Heubach’s designed Collie Strong T-shirt.
       – Vickey Willard, Houston Collie Rescue

CollieStrong Fundraisers

They stepped up for the collies, now we step up for them!
Here in the Houston, collie rescuers and adopters that have been catastrophically impacted by Harvey. Our talented friend Chuck Heubach of Twin City Dog has designed these T-shirts for support. This fundraiser is for people and all net proceeds will go directly to help provide relief.
Order your T-shirt at the CollieStrong link:
T-shirts $15 with free shipping. Additional donations can be made when ordering.
Houston Collie Rescue fully supports this fundraiser.
This fundraiser supports ALL of our local collie rescue volunteers and adopters in the Houston area. Please contact us if you have been catastrophically impacted.