Laddie Gibson is MWCR’s newest therapy dog

Congratulations to Barb Gibson and Laddie for passing the TDI test on Saturday at the Responsible Dog Ownership Day event in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.  Not only did Laddie pass, but the evaluator told Barb that he did the best of the dogs in the group.  Laddie spent the first years of his life outdoors on a farm before coming to MWCR.  He now enjoys the benefits of city life, a loving home, healthy food, and dog parks nearby.  The attached picture shows Laddie (in front) with his sister Emily shortly after passing his therapy dog test.  As you can see from his smile, Laddie is quite proud of his accomplishment.

Barb works at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Minneapolis.  Barb plans to take Laddie, who loves people, to visit the veterans and brighten their days.  Congratulations to Barb and Laddie!

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