Notes from our president

MWCR Has a LinkedIn Page

MWCR Secretary MyLinda Anderson suggested and created a business LinkedIn page for MWCR.  Thank you, MyLinda!  Here is the link to our new page:  This will give us another avenue to share information about our great organization.

Helping Animals Affected by Hurricane Harvey

We’ve heard from the Collie Rescue Foundation that all of the foster dogs and foster homes affiliated with the collie rescues in Texas, including Houston Collie Rescue and Freedom Collie Rescue in Sugar Land, are safe.  At this time, the Texas collie rescues are not requesting any specific help or donations, but that may change.  Pat from the Freedom Collie Rescue sent the following information regarding ways people could help pets in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey:
HoustonPetSet  is a nonprofit organization here that helps with grants to rescues in need. They are now also taking donations and making the funds available to any rescue that need help.
Austin Pets Alive are working in conjunction with K-9 transporters to move as many animals as they can out of harms way in Houston to the Austin area to a no kill shelter environment. They have a large staging activity out in Katy Texas right now moving animals as we speak.
Houston SPCA and the Houston Humane Society are also taking donations to help with any animals.
Houston PetTalk Magazine also has a donation drive going on for animals in need.
Locally, the Animal Humane Society in the Twin Cities is sending two teams to the Houston area to help with pets who have been separated from their families as well as help injured pets.  Some humane societies in the upper Midwest are providing shelter to animals until they can be reunited with their families.  Best Friends Animal Society in Utah has several teams in Texas helping with injured and lost pets.  Wings of Rescue is flying rescued animals to various locations in the United States.  Cathy Cline of Janesville, Wis. posted on her Facebook page that she is collecting crates for the Texas animals.  There are many ways that we as individuals can help.  Just avoid unsolicited emails and phone calls and other scams.

Memorial for Carol Propotnik

As some of you know, animal behaviorist and MWCR member Carol Propotnik died unexpectedly in January.  Her family, who lives out of state, will hold a celebration of Carol’s life on Sunday, October 8, from 3 – 6 p.m. at the home of Carol’s friend, Don Wanschura.  Don’s address is 7505 Dupont Ave. S, Minneapolis and his phone number is 612-702-6597.  Carol helped many pets, including MWCR collies, with her evaluations and training plans.  Carol is deeply missed.  According to Don, dogs are welcome at the memorial service.

MWCR Calendar Pictures

Eileen Mack is busy creating the 2018 MWCR Calendar which will be available for purchase in early November.  Here are a few tips for your pictures which need to be submitted by September 6:

  1. The photo must be of high quality. The originally-taken photo should be at least 1M in size and the bigger the better, really!  When you send the photos in, be sure your email program doesn’t shrink them for portability. We’ll let you know if they are too small.
  2. Please email your photographs to:
  3. Please, PLEASE include a bit of info about your collie. Age, year rescued or adopted, cute personality trait, etc….oh yes, and NAME, too.
  4. Please get your photos in by September 6, 2017. That should give us ample time to design, review, and order calendars for arrival in time for the annual dinner in November.
          – Terry Libro, MWCR President

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