MWCR’s Collie Frolic and the Dog Days of Summer in July

MWCR held its annual Collie Frolic in the Twin Cities  on July 15.  This event is a celebration of collies and their families with indoor and outdoor play areas for the dogs, an indoor area for people, lunch, door prizes, and vendors.  Nearly sixty people with about forty dogs attended.  Thank you to all who attended, to those who planned the event, and the vendors who joined us at this fun event.

On July 29, MWCR had a booth at the Dog Days of Summer held at Alimagnet Dog Park in Burnsville, Minn.  Kitty and Arnie Hilk along with Tristan and Chase staffed the booth and Barb Gibson with Laddie and Emily stopped by.  We had several collie visitors including Ron and Peggy Glaub with Kimmi and Lynn Stoerzinger with six-month-old Gillie.  It was a perfect summer day to enjoy the dog park, take in a disc dog show, and visit the many exhibitors at the event.
See more pictures of these events on the July Photo Wall post.

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