May Rainbow Bridge


Our daughter’s collie, Lila, whom we fostered, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 5. It was a very sad day for her family and both Ron and me, too. Gena and her son were visiting while we were fostering Lila and fell in love with her. That was the same time we had Gertie as a foster, the one who made us foster failures.  – Mari & Ron




Nadine and I lost Lucy to liver cancer this morning (May 11). She no longer feels any discomfort and now lives in Heaven. We will miss her every day of our lives. – Nadine & Jim Ferlaak



Ten years ago, after seeing the picture that was posted saying that he would be pulled from the shelter if MWCR could find a foster home for him, my husband and I agreed to “foster” Tango. I can now admit that I never intended to foster him – I knew from that first sight of his picture that he was MY boy! Tonight (May 15), though, our hearts are gutted; he was put to sleep late this afternoon. Our sweet Tangoman had dropped to below his pre-foster weight, could barely stand up anymore, and panted constantly. His loving nature was with him to the end, but he had lost his joy. It’s storming tonight, and I’m grateful that he doesn’t have to contend with such scary weather any more, but I know I’ll never stop missing him. – Faith Howe


Last night (May 16), we said goodbye to our beloved Lucy Collie. She had a mercifully quick decline before dying from kidney failure. As recently as Sunday (when I took this picture) she was enjoying the sunshine with us. We adopted her in 2004 from MWCR when she was 18 months old, and she was a loving pet to us for 13 long years. She leaves us with happy memories and heavy hearts. We know she’s frolicking with Kellie Collie in heaven. She’ll be missed deeply and remembered fondly.

Today is a rough day, and her MWCR sister Ellie is missing her greatly. – Ted & Cara Schmidt

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