April Rainbow Bridge


At noon today, our sweet, quiet member of our pack was sent to his final resting place. Scout was born in 2004 and came to live with us in 2010. Scout’s only purpose in life was to “be with his people”.

He also loved to play tug with a rope and chase a ball, as long as it was inside the house. He loved his home and would never think of leaving it. In fact it took him a couple of years to investigate his entire back yard. He preferred run out the front door, say “hello” to our neighbor Tony and run right back in the house, again.

When Scout joined our family, he joined a pack of one canine sister, Sandy, and two feline’s, Greta and Grayling. This was fine with Scout; he just adjusted to them all. Then in 2014, energetic 1 year old Charlie came into his life. Charlie needed a lot of discipline and both Scout and Sandy took turns dealing with the situation. It was great fun watching Scout and Charlie playing tug. Scout also wrestled Collie style with Charlie.

Then last summer, Scout developed a Collie style ear problem and started losing his balance. Even though some days he was fine, his condition deteriorated and this morning he gave up trying to stand up. We will definitely miss the sweet, Gentle Giant of our pack. – Diane Lambert


A memorial video for Cece by Laure Victor:


The era of the “Boat People” has come to a close


It is with heavy hearts that Tamy and I must bring the sad news of Lucky’s passing. Lucky was the last of four collies that we loving referred to as “The Boat People”. On 8/24/2004 Lucky was rescued by MWCR from a shelter in Racine, Wis. where he was in danger of being put down. Lucky was estimated to be 18 months old at that time. He was pulled and fostered by a MWCR member in Racine. Some time later the Racine foster needed to leave on a business trip and needed a temporary foster home for Lucky. Tamy and I volunteered to be temporary foster parents. We soon discovered that Lucky had an unpredictable mean streak; he bit me when I tried to pet him. Perhaps he had been mistreated by his original owner who dumped Lucky at the Racine pound. As a result MWCR decided that Lucky was too risky to send to a forever home. Tamy and I worked with Lucky, giving him lots of gentle love and understanding and eventually he got over his bad manners and became a very well behaved and perfectly safe collie, even for small children. But because Lucky had a past history that was unpredictable, Tamy and I decided it was better for Lucky to stay with us than to confuse him by sending him to a new home. And so on 9/18/06 we officially became foster flunkies by adopting our foster Lucky.

The Boat People

Over the last two years Lucky started to lose strength in his back legs. But, being the indomitable fellow that he was, he kept right on being the same collie he always was, except at a slower pace; he never did catch a squirrel, but his disabilities didn’t stop him from always trying. Starting last summer Lucky could no longer climb more than two steps. When up at our lake cottage, we had to carry him up and down the steps to go in and out of the house. We knew his condition was getting worse. We were giving Lucky carprofen (generic Rimadyl) which greatly helped his condition.

Last past fall, Tamy and I were quite afraid that Lucky would not make it through the winter, but to our surprise, aside from falling down a couple times on slick ice patches, he came through with flying colors. He couldn’t navigate deep snow, so we used the snow blower on the back lawn and he was able to do his business there. In the last several weeks he seemed to be visibly slowing down. Our walks were down to a very slow pace now. We went on short 1 block walks that took 30 minutes, mostly sniffing and exploring and not much walking. We only went out on nice days to avoid the dampness which had a tendency to aggravate Lucky’s weak back legs.

The Saturday before Easter was beautiful. High for the day was around 80. So I took Lucky for what became his last walk. Evidently the heat of the day and spending the afternoon in the shade of our back yard was too much for his weak constitution. Saturday at around 6 p.m. Lucky threw up and was so weak he couldn’t get up. He stopped eating and drinking. His breathing became very difficult and I could see by the color of his tongue and gums that he was starving for oxygen. So at 6 a.m. on the morning of Monday April 17, 2017 the vet came to our home to help Lucky cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Lucky was approximately 14 years and 2 months old. Our hearts are broken and I can’t stop the tears, because he was the most rewarding foster we ever had. The joy that Lucky brought into our lives, as he grew from a sassy little brat, into the fine loving collie he became, will remain in our hearts forever.

Thank you to MWCR for giving us the wonderful gift of our collie Lucky. He will forever hold a special place in our hearts among the seven collies Tamy and I have been blessed with. – Collie Hugs, Bob and Tamy Galanter


One thought on “April Rainbow Bridge

  1. My heart goes out to all of these families — I know how empty their houses feel. May the memories of loving and happy moments bring some comfort in the weeks ahead.

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