Redemption Has 4 Paws

MWCR member and volunteer, Robin Kashuba has written a book about her journey into the world of therapy dogs.

Kashuba writes:

I have written a book titled “Redemption Has 4 Paws”.  This is my memoir about how all of the dogs in my life have helped me realize what my life’s purpose is – making therapy visits with my dogs.

I have been offered a contract through Covenant Books to publish my book.  No traditional publisher (with advances and royalties) will take on an unknown author. Covenant Books is a cross between a self-publishing company and a traditional publisher.  They are requiring me to pay in advance to get my book published, they will distribute it and help promote and sell it and then will pay me royalties at 100% until my initial investment has been paid back.

At this time in my life, I don’t have the money to get my book published.  So I’m asking for your help in getting Redemption Has 4 Paws published.  Any little bit will help tremendously.

As a way of giving back, once the book is published and I have recouped the amount paid to Covenant Books, I will donate $1,000 each to the four rescues who have helped me and allowed me to adopt dogs that have become my beloved therapy dogs:  Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue, MN Sheltie Rescue, The Long Island Sheltie Rescue, and The Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue.   So in the long run, your donation to help get my book published will end up helping four rescues that I care greatly about and will also help to get more dogs adopted.

To donate click here:


Thank you so much for reading this and for any help you can give me.  I’m looking so forward to getting “Redemption Has 4 Paws” out into the world so more people can learn about the wonderful things that deaf and rescue animals can achieve.  Thank you!


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