Dog Food Distributions

Arnie Hilk

For the last two years, MWCR has been fortunate to participate in the Chaska Shed dog food donations program.  We have literally received thousands of pounds of donated dog food for our collies.  At the distributions, volunteers from various rescue groups and humane societies gather to unload a semi filled with dog and cat food.  The distribution date is set in advance and the distributions are held regardless of the weather.  MWCR volunteers Arnie Hilk, Dave Gibson, and Barb Gibson have stood outside in the rain, in the snow, in bitterly cold weather, and in hot, humid weather to get the free dog food for MWCR.

Dave Gibson

Arnie, who is MWCR’s Food Distribution Coordinator, and Dave taken at the last distribution in February where the temperature was 9 degrees.  Our volunteers deserve a big round of applause for enduring various weather conditions to get free, high quality food for our collies.

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