May Online Silent Auction

MWCR will hold its first online silent auction from May 3 – 7.  Linda Riegger, along with Barb Gibson, are heading this project.  Sarah Rebernick has created a special Facebook page which will become active in May and Dave Gibson has photographed the items for the page.  We are working with a nonprofit that will manage the process for no charge.  Essentially, photos for the auction items along with a description and starting bid will be listed on the Facebook page.  At the end of the bidding, the highest bidders will be identified and requested to pay for their items.  Once payment is received, the items will be shipped.

Our silent auction will include artwork, including a beautiful collie stained class piece, jewelry, vintage collie books and prints,   collectibles, dog items, books, gift cards, and more.

We’re excited to hold this online silent auction to benefit our collies.  Watch for more details closer to the auction dates.

March photo wall

Many of our collies spent time out in the snow after the storm that started March 12th in Minnesota and traveled across Wisconsin the following day.

Yogi Gerber telling Mom it’s time to go inside.


Maisie Gerber


Jake and Dice Michlig


Dakota is the Michlig family cop


Six month old MWCR alum Connor already knows that collies make the best nurses.


Daisy showing off the stylish new jacket her mom made for her.



March Rainbow Bridge


Buster came to MWCR at age nine after being a stud dog for a breeder in Nebraska.  He had spent his entire life in a pen with two female collies who were extremely mean to him. They also wouldn’t let him eat out of the dish they shared, so he had to wait until they were finished.  He had permanent scars on his nose from the fighting and he ate anything he could find when he got here. He ate my checkbook/wallet once.  I woke up to find my cash strewn about the living room floor, my cosmetics and medicines as well.  Only the metal clasp was left of the change compartment but luckily the change was still lying around.  He also ate a purse, a watch, a digital camera, suede slippers and gloves.  I had to get him to the vet at least three times to get his stomach emptied … especially when I thought he ate the rubberized garden gloves … that’s when he barfed up the suede slipper but I later found the glove behind my couch (Cooper was a puppy then and tossing things around).

When Buster came into MWCR he was terribly shy.  He wouldn’t come out of my bedroom.  He found his safe place lying between my bed and a chair under the window. He had a bath rug on the floor in front of the nightstand next to my bed.  He would never come out to greet guests, even my son had to go into the bedroom to greet Buster.  But he was always sweet to everyone, even though he had trouble making eye contact.  Eventually he moved out to the living room for me and I put several dog beds in front of the fireplace and that was his new spot.
It became clear very early in fostering him that he would never be the outgoing, fun collie that people expect. So I quickly decided he was MY dog (I tend to be a homebody too).  He got along with every other foster that came in, but still kept to himself.  Eventually he did start barking a bit along with the other dogs when he was in the yard, but he mostly kept his “Zen” demeanor.
He didn’t show much age-related problems until the past year or so.  Then his hind-quarters got weaker and he was noticeably thinner in his rear end.  When I gave him a bath last year, his right hind leg got twisted up and he had a more recent episode where he couldn’t walk on that leg (canine vestibular disease … old-dog syndrome). When my childhood friend, who I had reconnected with recently, met him last year, she fell in love with him, despite the younger dogs trying desperately to get her attention.  I told her about the incontinence (Judy is a nurse), and she declared his name to be “Mr. Peester” (or the Peester), as we agreed he was a CHAMPION pee-er.
Buster is also mourned by Terri Libro.  She transported him to me back in 2011 and still remembers him fondly. She said at one stop, he spotted another female collie who was along for the ride and he immediately started “marking” all over Terry’s SUV. She said that was about the only time he showed any activity on the trip.  Buster sired several litters of gorgeous pups. Two were surrendered along with one of the females when Buster came to MWCR.  – Joan Lindberg


It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that our Redford has passed away at age 12.  We were his third home when we adopted him in 2009 at age four. We previously had five Shelties, but always wanted a collie. He filled that desire perfectly! He was a wonderful example of the breed being very gentle and sweet as well as so handsome. He had a beautiful coat! He loved living in the woods, enjoying the deer and going for walks to see our goats.

He did very well until 2014, when he developed canine hyperthyroidism which is very rare in dogs. This was due to a cancerous tumor on his thyroid. He survived surgery to remove this tumor but was given a very guarded prognosis. He also developed post surgical bloat as we were ready to take him home. He was a strong dog having survived both of these rare life threatening conditions. A couple of years ago, he was diagnosed with intervertebral disk disease. He had many successful laser treatments, but recently he had increased weakness in his back and back legs. This progressed to where he was not able to get up on his own. He continued his strong spirit and gave collie kisses right up to the end. His passing has left such an emptiness in our hearts. We thank MWCR for the privilege to adopt this very special dog. He was very much a big part of our family these past eight years! We miss you Red! – John & Kathy Genser


It has been almost a week since we had to say good-bye to our beloved and beautiful Shelby Girl. Her health was failing and we knew it was time . . . and even though she had lived a long and wonderful life of 14 ½ years, it still didn’t make it any easier. After being a part of our life for all those years, it will be quite an adjustment without her.

Shelby came to us shortly after I joined MWCR in 2003. She was 10 months old and had been a stray that was being held in an area shelter in Duluth, Minn. Shelby was our first foster and our first adopted collie from MWCR. She was originally adopted out to another family, but fate took over and she was returned to us. It was meant to be! She was ours!

Shelby put up with several foster males coming and going along the way, each one leaving their mark and impression. She would learn a trick or a “not so lady like” habit from each one of those boys that would come through. One of those collie boys ended up staying . . . sweet Will. Shelby and Will complemented each other so beautifully. He was patient enough to tolerate her and her female antics!

She was quite the character with such a unique personality! We took her to obedience class and she breezed through with flying colors, labeled “the smartest dog in the class!” She picked up on everything so fast and was quickly trained.

She was extremely affectionate and loved going for daily long walks, rides in the car, playing with her squeaky plush toys, chasing the Frisbee and pestering us to throw that darn tennis ball! I swear she was part retriever and border collie!  In her golden years, Shelby loved to be out in the yard watching mom and dad doing yard work, and being content to lounge around and see the goings on in the neighborhood!

She will leave a huge void in our house, but her memories will live on with us forever. My walking buddy, my shadow, my loyal companion. We will miss you girl. May the angels in heaven look after you until we meet again my friend.  – Tina M

March adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, Adoption Coordinator


Pretty Mandy, a 5-year-old tri-headed white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Mandy originally came to MWCR after spending the first few years of her life as an outdoor farm dog. This diminutive diva has returned to us after spending a couple years learning all about the comforts of indoor living and even passing her Canine Good Citizen test. Mandy is a sweet and clever girl who is now sharing her life with a new mom, dad, human brother and collie sister. Congratulations to the whole family!

Ginger Bear




I am so excited to share the news that Ginger Bear has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This beautiful, sweet collie girl, with an immune system disorder which affects her skin, was sadly surrendered to MWCR by her loving family when they were unable to successfully treat her condition. Ginger Bear has been through lots of testing and treatment and she was doing so well with the help of her awesome foster mom that she was ready to move on to her new home. She is already settling in nicely and we’re sure she will continue to do well in this loving home which has exactly the kind of low stress environment that her condition calls for. Congratulations to this sweet girl!


Adorable Ben (nka Cooper), a 4.5 month old sable merle, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Weighing in at 40 lbs already this little guy will soon be a Big Boy and his new home has plenty of room to grow and a collie sibling to show him the ropes. This clever pup has many more things to learn as he grows, but he has already mastered cuddling and that’s just about the most important skill a collie can have 🙂



Handsome Luke, a 1-year-old tricolor male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. His sweet personality is testament to just how much he has been loved in the past and his future is also going to be full of lots of love and attention. This big, gorgeous boy will now be sharing his life with a young family complete with two human brothers, a collie sibling and a huge fenced yard for awesome play times. Congratulations to all!





Blue, a 1-year-old merle-headed white has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Blue is blind, a “double dilute” characteristic that is the result of an accidental mating between two merle parents. Blue and his brother Cloud were saved from euthanasia as puppies and recently surrendered to MWCR. Now both of these sweet boys have found their new homes and we couldn’t be happier 🙂



Stunning Star, a 1-year-old tri-headed white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. This sweet, gentle young lady loves cuddles, playtime and her new collie brother, who is just as smitten with her. Star has become part of the club known as “Foster Failures”and we couldn’t be happier that she found the perfect place for her so easily.

2017 MWCR Elections

Congratulations to Sarah Rebernick on her re-election as MWCR’s Vice President and to Patty Hopkins on her election as MWCR’s Treasurer.  Both Sarah and Patty have years of volunteer experience with MWCR and do much for MWCR in addition to their official elected officer positions.  Patty’s experience with the accounting software used by our accountant will make filing our IRS reports much easier.

A special thank you to Beth Selburg who served as our Treasurer for the last two years.  Beth decided not to run for re-election this year due to personal and professional time constraints, but she will continue her other volunteer work with the organization.

MWCR is truly fortunate to have the caliber of talent  and commitment we have on Board.

Thank you to all of the members who voted in our 2017 election.

Dog Food Distributions

Arnie Hilk

For the last two years, MWCR has been fortunate to participate in the Chaska Shed dog food donations program.  We have literally received thousands of pounds of donated dog food for our collies.  At the distributions, volunteers from various rescue groups and humane societies gather to unload a semi filled with dog and cat food.  The distribution date is set in advance and the distributions are held regardless of the weather.  MWCR volunteers Arnie Hilk, Dave Gibson, and Barb Gibson have stood outside in the rain, in the snow, in bitterly cold weather, and in hot, humid weather to get the free dog food for MWCR.

Dave Gibson

Arnie, who is MWCR’s Food Distribution Coordinator, and Dave taken at the last distribution in February where the temperature was 9 degrees.  Our volunteers deserve a big round of applause for enduring various weather conditions to get free, high quality food for our collies.