February adoptions



By Sarah Rebernick
Adoption Coordinator

Fabulous Fergie, a 5-year-old mahogany sable male has found his forever home in Michigan. This diminutive boy was surrendered to MWCR because he was having issues staying down on the farm. Life just seemed too exciting on the other side of a 4-foot fence and he kept hopping over to check it out. Since coming into rescue his desire to roam has been curbed with neutering and he hasn’t shown any desire to try to get over the 6-foot fence in his foster home. Fergie will now be enjoying life behind a nice secure fence with his new mom, dad and sister collie. He will also get to visit with his MWCR collie cousins for play dates!




Tux, a strikingly handsome 3-year-old tricolor smoothie, with a beautiful white chest that makes him look as if he is wearing a tuxedo, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota.  He was surrendered to MWCR by a Good Samaritan but prior to that he was kept as an outside dog on a farm. Tux had a lot to learn about the wonderful world of couches and beds and he’s a bit nervous about it all, but his new mom and dad are ready to help this sweet boy blossom into the happy, fearless collie he was meant to be.



Handsome Cloud, a 1-year-old sable-headed white male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconson. Cloud is deaf, a “double dilute” characteristic that is the result of an accidental mating between two white parents and he was surrendered to MWCR after a Guardian Angel saved him and two siblings from euthanasia.

Of course, Cloud doesn’t know he is deaf so he’s perfectly happy just the way he is, although this sweet boy is happiest when he is getting love and attention from his humans. His new mom and dad are definitely giving him that and he also has a new collie sister to play with – so happy for him!

February Rainbow Bridge



Alli crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, January, 24th.  She was 13 years old.  She was acquired in Shorewood, Wis.,  in 2005 at the age of 1 ½.  She will be missed. – Jamie Breuer









Lady went over the rainbow bridge tonight, February 7, 2017.  I rescued her four years ago from a no-kill shelter in Illinois where they had legally removed her and two siblings from a home where they had been starved for years.  She was just coming out of her shell and learning to play in the last six months as her health deteriorated  and back legs gave out.  I miss her so much.  She was a really good dog; gone from my side; but always in my heart.  – Sue Konkel




Dear sweet Meggie, who we adopted in 2007 at age five passed over the rainbow bridge on Feb 7th. She was a strong, happy girl who expected nothing but gave everything! Thank you to the rescue for blessing us with Meggie for 10 great years! – Lori Malett




Ryder joined our family in February of 2004 and enjoyed his two MWCR resident collies. Over the years, Ryder introduced several foster collies and additional permanent companion pets to the good life. He accepted and mentored all who entered our home.  He developed  hypothyroidism at age five and became deaf around 11 years old. Fortunately, we train all of our collies by using verbal commands along with hand signals. It became apparent that he was VERY food motivated and an easy dog to train. He was a quiet collie who didn’t bark or react to vacuums, firecrackers, thunderstorms, doorbells, etc. He was happy with or without a companion and even enjoyed our feline pets.

Ryder was a handsome mahogany sable with such a sweet face. He could tell time as he would be giving me the look for his breakfast and dinner time. I had better hop to it! He would also remind me that it was his AM and PM “pilly time”.
Ryder began a slow decline losing muscle mass, weight and gained weakness in the last year. In November 2016, we took him to the vet as his gums were so inflamed. Our vet did a full senior panel. He did have for the first time, Anaplasmosis. He was treated with antibiotics for six weeks. Actually, he was a healthy boy for most of his life.
He was not the type of “in your face” dog. However, the last six months of his life, he couldn’t get enough human affection & attention.
Ryder leaves behind, a collie boy named Gabe and two human companions who miss him. Oh Ryder, we miss you so. –  Tom, Vickie & Gabe


Laddie was such a gentle soul.  We miss him.  We found out he had a large mass on his spleen which had pushed his intestines up toward his chest.  You would never know that Laddie had a problem because he never showed any sign of distress until just recently when he was having trouble walking and had a problem breathing.  He just had a checkup a couple of weeks ago and he was fine.  Then today (Feb. 24), he just went downhill so fast it broke our hearts. We will cherish the time we had with him.  He loved Arizona and swimming in his pool.  We had to put grass in the yard for him because he didn’t like the desert landscaping.  Hard on his paws.  Here is a picture of Laddie resting on his grass. – Lee Gronych

Ginger Bear is available for adoption

gingerGinger Bear is a beautiful, sweet collie girl, with an immune system disorder which affects her skin. Her family sadly surrendered her to MWCR when their vets were unable to successfully treat her condition. Ginger Bear has responded well to a high dose regimen of Prednisone that she is slowly weaning off. Her foster mom often calls her “fuzzy wuzzy” as she is re-growing all the hair that she lost. Her first five years, living in North Carolina in a quiet serene environment, she had no problems, but moving with her family to Wisconsin (and a home on a busy, high traffic street) two years ago, things changed and she was plagued with bouts of skin eruptions and hair loss. Her foster mom is confident that she will be able to continue her excellent recovery with no, or low dose levels of Prednisone, and a life in a quiet, loving forever home.

Ginger Bear is a “velcro” collie. She absolutely loves her people and will follow them everywhere. She is friendly with all people and other dogs. She is house-trained and has wonderful manners (other than occasional counter-surfing and dog bone possessiveness), knowing sit, stay and come. She is a happy girl, with great energy for a 7 year old dog (D.O.B. November 11/25/09).

Her ideal home would be one that could continue to provide her with great care, good food, stability, low stress, and of course lots of love. Although she does not have separation anxiety, she would thrive in a home with someone there most of the time, as her greatest joy is to be with her “person” or “people”. She could be an only dog, or share a home with other quiet pets. She will definitely need a home where her outside area does not have exposure to cars, as she is car obsessed, and will bark and try to chase cars, which causes her stress thereby likely contributing to her skin issues. Ginger’s foster mom loves her and wishes she could adopt her, but already has four dogs of her own, and regular foster dogs.

Check out Ginger Bear’s updated bio and pictures! http://mwcr.force.com/apex/MWCR_AllAdoptionsView 

The photos show her now, when her skin condition was at its worst, and before, when she lived in North Carolina. A beautiful Collie girl, now and then.