January Rainbow Bridge



Cancer has taken my sweet Madeline.  I was planning on just fostering her in 2008, but we all know how that goes . . .  She and my other MWCR alumni bonded so well she stayed, and we are grateful for the years we had together.  She loved to herd her big fur-brother Mackenzie, they would play chase and tug ropes, and do squirrel patrol together.  She especially loved being ‘Miss July’ for the 2015 calendar with all of the accompanying praise and attention a pretty calendar girl like her would get!   Madeline was a gentle, loving sweetheart and I will miss her beautiful spirit. – Laura Grayson



Our girl, Callie, aka Colleen, went to the Rainbow Bridge Monday night. She had bladder cancer.
My boyfriend at the time, now husband, and I adopted her in September, 2005. She was a year and three months old. We met her foster parents in Dubuque and thought we’d have a nervous, panting dog in our back seat for the two hour drive home. Within a couple miles she was comfortably lying down. My husband called her our common sense dog, ready to go when needed and then plopping down to rest. She could hike a few miles with us and then lay on our bed the next day.  A very social girl she seemed exhausted the day after a family event which always amused us. She loved her butt rubs, squeaky toys, sitting in the dryer kennel at her groomer and “supervising” the park in our backyard to make sure there were no trespassers. We loved the Chewbacca noises she made while playing and we loved having such a beautiful, warm companion around. We miss our schnoggin very much! Thank you for all you do! – Linda (Struck) McDonald

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