Adopting our collies

mwcr logoOftentimes we hear that people are frustrated because they go to our website’s available collies page, only to see we don’t have any collies. We actually do! We also have a waiting list of previous adopters who are looking again, and new adopters who have completed the adoption application process. Our adoption team works diligently as a matchmaker with the dogs we have in foster care and potential adopters, thus many of our collies don’t get posted on the page, due to their successful work. We don’t want potential adopters getting their hearts set on a particular collie, only to have that dog gone, by the time they are approved. We can’t emphasize the pre-approval process enough 🙂

We do have a rigorous application process. Once you submit your application, we check references, vet and personal, then do a home visit. While, it’s easy to make it through the process, it can take some time as everybody working on it are volunteers.

On the other end, all of our collies are put into homes to be assessed and vetted. A collie stays in a foster home for a minimum of two weeks. Many need extra care, which can take much longer.

If you are intent on adopting a collie, we would love to have you adopt from us! We encourage you to start the process of filling out an application. You can fill out an application online or download the form. There is a $25 application fee ($10 will be applied toward your adoption fee).

Our goal after all, is to get the homeless collies into a great home like yours! Thank you for your interest in a collie from MWCR and thank you for your patience.


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