MWCR alumni, Eddie, at McLeod County Fair

Square dancingBrenda Pulkrabek and MWCR alumni Eddie, attended the McLeod County Fair Wednesday with several other teams from Pet Therapy TDI Chapter 252 (therapy dog group).  Brenda and Eddie participated in the square dance which the crowd loves to see and talked about Eddie and how despite his nerve disability, is a happy dog who loves making therapy visits.

TDI Chapter 252 has team members from both McLeod and Meeker counties and make visits in Hutchinson, Litchfield, Glencoe and even Waconia, Minn.

Rainbow Bridge: Ash

AshMy precious, sweet, gentle Ash passed away, with the assistance of his kind veterinarian Kyle Adkins. Ash had a few bad years before he came into MWCR care almost two years ago. I was only privileged to spend those last months — 21.5 to be exact — of his life with him. I wish it had been much longer. He began to decline quite rapidly a couple of of months ago.
In the afternoon we held a celebration of his life. He wore one of his party collars (which he loved), his “aunties” Christy and Vicky and “uncle” Lester came over and he was brushed, patted, spoken to and fed treats all afternoon.
The vet kindly drove up from Pine River to help him. Ash passed as gently and quietly as he had lived. His canine and feline family is very subdued. We are all in mourning. – Marian Ridge

Rainbow Bridge: Shadow

ShadowOur sweet old collie Shadow died July 19. We adopted her from MWCR in June of 2009. She had just turned 15. I couldn’t write before because it hurts too much.
Back in ’09 our family let you pick out a dog for us and it couldn’t have turned out better. She was the sweetest, most gentle dog and fit right in to our family. She loved the big back yard and barking at the neighbor’s barn cats  (we’re in the country so we didn’t mind). When she came with us on picnics or the park or the county heritage festival everyone she met was a new friend.
When the time is right we will be contacting MWCR to adopt again. We have almost always had a collie (or collie mix), and adopting from you was a great experience. Thank you for seven years with our sweet Shadow. – Jennifer Nelson, Poplar Grove, Ill.