August adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, Adoption Coordinator


Sweet senior Annie came into rescue after we were contacted by a shelter in Arkansas where she was surrendered with some other dogs when their owner died. We don’t know much about her life before now since, from what we’re told, the neighbors didn’t even know he had dogs so it can’t have been too great. She was in pretty poor condition and has some vision issues but one of the biggest concerns was the large mass on her front paw. In early June she had the mass removed in a very successful surgery and soon became the bright, happy girl we knew was waiting to come out.

Annie has been adopted and will now be living in Wisconsin with another MWCR senior that was adopted earlier this year. Annie sends her grateful thanks and kisses to the many people from different organizations who helped to get her to her happy home. Her story is truly a testament to what can be accomplished when rescuers work together to help an animal in need!


Jamie, a 3-year-old sable-headed white, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This handsome big boy was surrendered to MWCR after his owner passed away. Although he had always been an outdoor dog, it took no time at all for him to discover that one of the greatest things in life is snuggling with your human on the couch. As an added bonus, his new home has another 3-year-old collie for him to romp with and his shaved coat should be nice and fluffy by the time winter shows up. Congratulations Big Guy!


Sweet Lucy, an 8-year-old tricolor, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Lucy was surrendered due to changing living conditions and her foster mom claims she is the sweetest girl ever. It is true that she’s quite a lover and she is now sharing her forever home with another collie playmate, a cockapoo and a couple kitties, who all seem to think she’s pretty alright, too.

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