Rainbow Bridge: Kelly

Kelly1Kelly, my dear sweet, gentle, sensitive big boy died unexpectedly of presumed internal bleeding.  He was eleven years old.

Kelly, whose previous owner died, was another of my foster failures.  Kelly joined my household in 2013 and, despite having severe hip dysplasia, wanted to be part of everything.  Kelly threw up his breakfast quite forcefully and didn’t look right afterwards; he simply rested and refused to get up.  MN Pets didn’t have a veterinarian who could make a hospice visit so a veterinarian from Blue Skies Pet Euthanasia in the Twin Cities made the house call.  She spent over an hour evaluating and observing Kelly.  Based on his symptoms (pale gums, weak back leg pulses, and extreme exhaustion when attempting to rise), she felt he was bleeding internally, possibly from a ruptured undiagnosed mass.  She said the bleeding might stop, but would reoccur.  Given his age, health issues, and current condition, we felt it was best to let him go now rather than have him suffer in the future.

I’m a bit numb and stunned right now.  Jake is now an only dog and he is very quiet.  Even the two kitties are quiet. The house feels empty without the big, caring guy. – Terry Libro

3 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge: Kelly

  1. So very sorry for your loss, we are going through the same and I truly feel for you 😦 There are very few things harder than losing a beloved pet.

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