Rainbow Bridge: Jingles

I wanted to let you know that my former MWCR collie, Jingles, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  He was 14.5 years old.  Jingles came to me in 2005 as a wild child.  He was a certifiable car chaser, a “rules don’t apply to me” boy, and a holy terror to my then 12 year old Rottweiler mix.  The first year was a definite challenge, but one we both met head-on and out of which grew one of the most amazing relationships I’ve ever had with a dog.
He became an “only dog” less than a year after he came to me, and he stepped up to the position of protector-of-the-yard.  I wasn’t ready to add a permanent member to my household at that time, so I started fostering for MWCR instead.  Jingles helped many a foster feel comfortable and learn to play, his favorite game ever was “Tug”.  He was a great teacher.  He taught a friend’s dog how to jump into a vehicle, he taught another friend’s dog how to do the steep stairs at my house.  He taught my current dog (a Gordon Setter) how to tug when she was just nine weeks old and they were best friends after that.
He was truly an ambassador for the breed.  He met many people who stated that they didn’t particularly care for collies, but to him, it was a challenge accepted.  Usually within the first half hour, he had them sold. Fortunately he wasn’t as vocal as some can be, so he was welcome anywhere he went.
The last year had been one of decline.  First the hearing went, then the strength in the back legs went (but with just a little help he could still do the stairs), but through it all his amazing zest for life remained.  His MWCR foster dad told me when I called about him all those years ago, that “Jingles was a joyful creature, happy to be a dog and to be alive”.  He was so right.  He was.  And he was up until that very last day when his body betrayed him and his legs failed entirely.  I am so fortunate to be a veterinarian and to have been able to help him cross the bridge at home … with his Gordon Setter sister at his side, and one of my trusted veterinary technicians to help us both with the final chapter. I will never forget that smooth collie boy.  Thanks to MWCR we found each other and had a wonderful ride. – Sincerely, Becky Hauser

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge: Jingles

  1. What a wonderful life he must have had with you and it’s so nice to hear about all the animals he helped. I am so very sorry for your loss. He seems like he was a truly amazing collie.

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